Errors In Activating a McAfee Antivirus subscription with a retail card or CD

You are unable to activate and redeem your McAfee Antivirus software products using a retail card or activate your antivirus software product when installing from a CD. When you attempt to install from a CD of the antivirus software program or redeem a retail card, you might see one of the following errors codes during the activation of your product:-

  1. There is no other option to redeem your retail card at the official website of McAfee you went to.
  2. You have entered a product key that does not correspond to the language and country you selected.
  3. Invalid Product Activation Code.
  4. License Key already in use.
  5. Sorry, but it looks like the store you got the card from forgot to activate your retail card. Ask the store to properly activate it, and then try it again.
  6. Problems activating from a CD.

Use the link to jump to the Solution for your problem, or use our Virtual Assistant where we walk you through each and every step of the process.

You can try the following solution given below:-

Solution 1: There is no option to redeem your retail card at the official McAfee Antivirus website you went to.

You typed the wrong URL of the website to redeem your retail card. Check the retail card again for the URL that is absolutely correct.

Solution 2: You have entered a product activation key that does not correspond to the language and country you selected.

Use the language list of drop-down at the top of the official website to select the language and country that completely match what is specified on the retail card that you bought.

Solution 3: Invalid Product Activation Code

You might have typed the product activation key incorrectly. Try typing the product activation key again. If you still see the Invalid Product Activation Code error, contact Technical Support for help.

Solution 4: License Key already in use

If you are installing your McAfee Antivirus products to a second computer system using the exact same retail card, this activation error code displays and the installation fails. Install to your second, and any devices that are subsequent, from the internet using the step by step guide available on our website.

Solution 5: Sorry, but it looks like the store you got the retail card from forgot to properly activate your card. Ask the store to activate it properly, and then try the activation again.

This problem occurs when the store where you purchased your retail card did not correctly activate the retail card. You must return to the store and have them properly activate the retail card for you.

Solution 6: Problems activating from a CD

  1. Put the CD in the drive of your computer. Installation begins automatically on its own.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts on your window screen to install your McAfee Antivirus product.
  3. Right-click on the icon of McAfee on your taskbar and select Activate now button.
  4. Type the CD activation Key and select the option of Activate.

If this method fails, download and run the McAfee Antivirus Virtual Technician:-

  1. Firstly, to start, go to the McAfee home page of Consumer Support, and scroll down to the section of McAfee Virtual Technician.

NOTE: The McAfee Virtual Technician is only available on Windows PCs operating system. You do not see this option if you view this page on an iOS or a Mac or Android device.

  1. Now click Download and Run.
  2. Save the file named as mvt.exe to your desktop if prompted.
  3. Double-click mvt.ex file, or click Run, to start MVT.
  4. After that, click on Yes if the Windows User Account Control asks you to allow MVT to run it.
  5. Wait for MVT to initialize, install, and update. This process might take a very few minutes.

-MVT then scans your entire computer system for issues with your McAfee Antivirus product.

  1. If any problems are found:

A. Choose Autofix, and follow the on-screen prompts to let MVT fix the issue.

B. If MVT cannot fix the issue, contact Technical Support for McAfee.

  1. If no problems are found, close MVT.

When MVT is completely done, try the update again and Install using the steps mentioned above. For any query, you can also visit

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