Escort Sites in Bulgaria

There are endless sexy Bulgarian escorts who would love to be your companion, so, stick around to check through the list of our escort sites and opt for the one that has your desired specs and will explore your sexual fetishes. Bulgaria Escort

How much do escorts charge in Bulgaria?

It is legal to meet up with escorts in Bulgaria. It is fairly cheap to hire an escort in Bulgaria, on average; you can find a super hot chick for around 120BGN per hour on average. Which works out to about $75 USD.

On sites like AdamIEva, You can find escorts who will charge as low as 20BGN for a quick 15 minute session. I suppose it’s just enough time to get the job done!  However the average range is from 80-160 BGN for an hour. The same applies to other sites such as Wadanga and Kompanionki.

If you’re a bit on the kinky side and you are into Golden showers or strap on play, Then you can expect a small up charge. It’s pretty normal for some of these escorts to have an extended menu.

What kind of escort girls can I find in Bulgaria?

The Republic of Bulgaria is a country located in Southeast Europe. This country shares a border with Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, and the Black Sea. This country is dominated by Bulgarians and foreigners from the countries listed above. So, you have options either you go for a foreigner, native chick, or a mix.

I will say that this country is a godsend for sex tourists looking to have a great and unforgettable experience in Bulgaria. This country is full of great and interesting things to watch. Also, local escort girls will never make you feel lonely! They know the weak point of a man and how to please him with their sexy assets. You will never forget this experience in a hurry as you will enjoy endless opportunities made available for sex tourists.

Compared to other European countries, Bulgaria escorts are very cheap and available. You don’t wanna miss this chance to have a nice time with the sexiest ladies you have ever met! You choose from the females of other countries as well as the local models. Escort Bulgaria is useful if you are visiting this country for some business. I advise that you go to this business meeting with a classy chick standing by your arm!

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