Escort Sites in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. For good reason, They have incredible ancient artifacts, delicious Mediterranean food and beautiful willing women. Unfortunately most of the tourists will only get to experience 2 out of the 3 things. EscortSites is here to complete your experience by bringing you a list of the most popular Greece Escorts.

Also in this post we included some guidelines and tips to help you understand how much escorts typically charge, the laws around prostitution and some other helpful info!

How much do escorts charge in Greece?

On average escorts in Greece charge around €100 per hour. On the lower end of the scale you will find some women charging €60. It really depends which escort listing site you go on, On EuroGirlsEscort you will find some women charging upwards of €400+ per hour.

The sites that we list, such a  KaneSex, Bourdela, Sex GR, LoveList, Your Angels, and GoldenDiamondEscort they have really reasonable prices. We suggest that you check through these sites to pick your escort. The prices are more affordable and they have a wicked selection,

What kind of escort girls can I find in Greece?

Greece is also known as the “Hellas” and it is located in Southeast Europe. Around 10.7 million people are living in this country. Greece shares a border with Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. So, it is not uncommon to see beautiful ladies from these regions coming to Greece working as escorts.

Tourism is buoyant in this country and is open to people from different races. So, if you wanna take a vacation, this is the country to visit. There are no specs of girls that you won’t find here – local Greece girls, African chicks, European babes, Asian girls, and a lot more! These Greek escorts are really something else, they are incredibly sexy.

Is it safe to meet up with escorts in Greece?

As far as the laws around sex work, prostitution is legal in registered brothels, Unfortunately most of the brothels in Athens are not registered. Street prostitution is illegal, yet women are still selling sex on some street corners. This is something you really don’t want to get caught up in.

For people working as sex workers, they gonna work in brothels run by the state (called studios). These Greek Escorts have to be over 18 years, single, and must have their papers to work in Greece. Also, they must not have any criminal records like blackmail, robbery, trafficking, child porn, pimping, and more.

But, you gotta be careful in this country so that you don’t fall into the wrong hands. Make sure that you do your research and go for the registered escorts. Or on the other hand you can always pay a escort you find online for her “companionship”. Then whatever you 2 adults do behind closed doors is up to you guys.

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