Escort Sites was created by a community of escort loving enthusiasts that collectively gathered the MOST popular escort sites from all over the world. We are proudly the first escort site directory on the web, we are dedicated to gathering the best escort sites in the USA and the globe .

If you’re travelling to any country in the world and you’re wondering if there are any call girls near you. Well you’re in luck! You can count on to find the most popular escort sites in whatever country you are in!

If you’re alright with getting straight taxed by some of the local escort agencies that only list their small handful of women, Then go right ahead. However we think you deserve better than that.

That is why we felt it’s our duty to list the most popular escort sites from around the world so you could do a proper escort search through the THOUSANDS of local escorts wherever you are on the planet. (Escorts on Mars coming soon!)

Finding the most popular escort website in a foreign country is harder than you may think. The top searches in google are usually filled up with news articles and if you’re very lucky an overpriced escort agency. There are also some global escort sites which post local escorts from almost every country around the world. These sites are ok , but they are typically filled with outdated ad’s and outrageous prices.

When you find a local escort site, your overall experience will be much better. You will have an enormous selection of call girls to choose from. You will see live postings that were posted that day and even hour. Also when you’re dealing with an independent local escort listing, You get a much better selection of women along with lower competitive prices.

Finding escorts can be a pain in the ass if you really don’t know where to look. Before i have been to multiple countries around the world and i had no idea how to get laid, this was extremely frustrating. I had no idea where to find escorts. Just try typing something into google in a foreign country to find an escort. Good luck!

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