ESL Lesson Planning – Teaching English Has Never Been Easier!

Making lesson plans can be daunting sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! The Resources for Teaching website has a helpful collection of activities to make ESL lesson planning easier. English as a second language education is vital to students who come from abroad and need help learning a new language. It is important as it gives an opportunity for all students to learn regardless of their background. In this article, we share three popular resources and lesson plans for teachers that will save you time and energy instead of creating your own materials every week.

1. Past, Present and Future Tense Verbs Activity:


Your students will LOVE this fun and engaging activity to learn about past, present and future tense verbs! These 40 activity cards and 80 verb ‘street sign’ cards will help your students understand verbs in the three tenses to help with their writing and speaking skills. How to play: Students will choose an activity card that contains a present tense verb. Then they must find the two street sign cards that represent the verb in the past and future tense and place them on top of the signs.

Your students will love this activity and find plenty of verb groups in all three tenses! Simply print, cut, and laminate and use as a fun literacy group activity. These cards are a fabulous addition to your literacy group work and rotations. They will have your students understanding and using the past, present and future tenses in their speaking and writing in no time!

2. Rhyming Words Matching Cards


Your students will enjoy this engaging activity to learn about rhyming words! These 24 activity cards and 48 picture cards will help your students recognise plenty of rhyming words and improve their writing and speaking skills.

How to play-

1. Students choose an activity card with a word, picture and two blank spaces.

2. They must find two picture cards that rhyme with the word on their activity card.

3. Students place the two cards on the blank spaces.

4. Repeat the steps. Students will try to find as many rhyming words as they can.

Extension: Students can write all three rhyming words on a piece of paper or their mini whiteboards.

3. Snakes and Ladders Digraph Review Games:


Learning how to read words with digraphs can be tricky for young students. This resource is perfect for kindergarten and Year 1 students who can improve their abilities to read common words with blends! It includes 10 games of Snakes and Ladders that focus on particular digraph groups, each type of blend is colour coded for students to make connections between the same sounds in different words. Each game has various words for students to practice reading and is great for literacy rotations!

If you’re searching for educational websites for ESL lesson planning, visit the Resources for Teaching website. They have a wide collection of worksheets, activities, lessons, and posters that your students will love using. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect lesson plan for teachers. However, the Resources for Teaching store has something that suits your students’ needs! The best part is that all their materials are downloadable; therefore, they can be accessed and printed from any electronic device as frequently as required.

Check out their teacher lesson plan template to stay organised in the classroom. To view more engaging learning activities and materials for ESL lessons, visit the Resources for Teaching website:

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