Especially when compared to OSRS

We understand and we’ve heard from you time and RuneScape gold time again how Covid hurts development and the way you’re switching into a quarterly expansion model, thats alright. Its currently a couple months since release and another”quarterly upgrade” is a new pursuit. Which if it is not the magnitude of a grandmaster that generates new content beyond the 2 hour quest – its not a growth size material discharge.

The next quarter we are supposed to get GWD3 but you men said in a livestream a small team has begun on it but there’s nothing else to say about it? If you’re going to be secret about articles releases and don’t need to give out information – that is cool, but inform us thats your plan of attack(which it actually isnt). OSRS is spewing new content outside faster than you men can fix typos (Ninja team, you guys do fantastic – keep this up. However, what’s the remainder of RS3’s HUNDREDS of workers doing?). If you guys can’t see that the VOCAL and SILENT majority of your game is pissed about it, then you have problems.

Sorry to be devils advocate, but Archaeology has already beats OSRS’s releases so far this season. Part from nightmare, the OS upgrades are simply very hollow material and odd changes. I believe the matter is both games will need to measure it up and sort things out. It is fortunate that RS3 gets the amount of content it will, otherwise I’d be hella bored. However, while a good upgrade, the whole release fell flat. The zone becoming instantly useless with all the nerfs to blood and content shards being horrendous. It is just always safe and dull releases (this is not incl sepulchre and hardship ). Idk, feel free to disagree but OS upgrades have been nicely shit recently. One thing is the new twisted league.

I believe a massive problem with having”significant updates” is that the majority of people play RuneScape because their only game, so eventually you’ll run out of things to do. That said, a lot of major updates such as historical magic, wgs pursuit, priff etc. place a huge precedent for the types of upgrades that you feel you deserve. While RuneScape has taken a turn with the majority of upgrades being ninja or cosmetic fixes, I would argue that it is very difficult to always”blow off” the player base having an amazing update.

This is only because you have a prejudice to the nostalgic days of weekly updates and have probably played throughout the entirety of the 15 decades of updates. You can’t have that anymore with RuneScape that is almost 20 years old. I promise the majority of these people whining do not have”nothing to do”. Guess these individuals are expert PVMERS who’ve 5.6b xp, all boss and all collections logs finished and trimming comp. You do not enjoy doing such things and if you’re one of these people you certainly don’t like RuneScape. Just the case. I have been playing since 2004 and am barely maximum. Granted I have not committed 8+ hours a day, but when I did I might probably still have some stuff to do. I think people want some update to impact RuneScape the manner that some iconic content or quests has done previously. However, when RuneScape is old, and older there isn’t much room for buy old school rs gold growth. It’s like diminishing returns.

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