ESPN FPI Predicts Each Game on Carolinas

We are two months away from the start of the 2022 NFL season and recently, the ESPN FPI released the odds for each team to win each game on their schedule. Below is a look at what the ESPN FPI says about each Panthers game along with my analysis on why I do or don’t agree with it.9/11 vs Cleveland Browns – 36.9%Even without Deshaun Hunter Pence Jersey Watson, the Browns are a very tough team to beat. They have a physical offensive line and will run the ball at will into the teeth of the Carolina defense. The percentage seems about right on this one.Agree with FPI: Yes.9/18 at New York Giants – 41.5%The Giants are going to be bad this year. I know last year’s game in New York was ugly for the Panthers but with better quarterback play, they should be able to steal this one on the road.Agree with FPI: No.9/25 vs New Orleans Saints – 41.2%The Panthers defeated the Saints at home in Week 3 a year ago and with all the question marks surrounding the health of Michael Thomas and Jameis Winston and off-the-field situation with Alvin Kamara, this one should be in the Panthers’ favor.Agree with FPI: No.10/2 vs Arizona Cardinals – 33.6%Look, the Cardinals are a good football team but without DeAndre Hopkins, the Panthers secondary is going to give Kyler Murray some problems.Agree with Rafael Montero Jersey FPI: No.10/9 vs San Francisco 49ers – 44.7%This is certainly a winnable game for Carolina, especially if by this point the Niners are starting Trey Lance. That said, that San Francisco defense could pose some problems.Agree with FPI: Yes.10/16 at Los Angeles Rams – 21.7%The Panthers stand no shot to win this game unle s the Rams are completely injury-riddled. I would give Carolina le s than 5% chance to win this game.Agree with FPI: No.10/23 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 37.1%If the Panthers are going to have any chance to beat the Bucs in 2022, it’s going to have to happen in the friendly confines of Bank of America Stadium. The Bucs will likely win this one, but it’s not far-fetched to believe Carolina could pull off an upset here.Agree with FPI: Yes.10/30 at Atlanta Falcons – 49.5%The Falcons are going to be a miserable team in 2022. They have nothing going for them outside of having Kyle Pitts on the roster. Even on the road, this should be a win for Carolina.Agree with FPI: No.11/6 at Cincinnati Bengals Kyle Bird Jersey – 35.8%At first, I thought this percentage would be much lower but with Baker Mayfield at quarterback it makes sense. He has history of playing the Bengals and has a pretty good idea of what to expect. The Bengals haven’t seen Carolina in quite a while so the familiarity favors Baker and the Panthers, in my opinion.Scroll to ContinueAgree with FPI: Yes.11/10 vs Atlanta Falcons – 57.3%Every team seems to have one “what the hell?” moment each season and for Carolina, it seems to happen against Atlanta. I still think they win this game, so I agree with the FPI but it will be ugly.Agree with FPI: Yes.11/20 at Baltimore Ravens – 35.2%Once again, Baker’s experience against an AFC North team should help to some extent but on the other side of the ball is what will decide this game. Carolina’s young defense is good but good luck trying to contain Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore running game.Agree with FPI: Yes.11/27 vs Denver Broncos – 41.1%I’m not sold on the Broncos being a top team in the AFC with Ru sell Wilson, so Jurickson Profar Jersey I see this game being more of a to s up than anything. It’s a winnable game for Carolina but a lo s wouldn’t be all that surprising.Agree with FPI: No.12/11 at Seattle Seahawks – 43.9%43% against the Seahawks? Really? I mean, what does Seattle have? If you stack up the two rosters side by side, I don’t know where they would have any advantages.Agree with FPI: No.12/18 vs Pittsburgh Steelers – 54.1%Who knows who will be the Steelers quarterback at this point in the season. Regardle s, the Panthers’ defense will be too challenging for whoever is under center.Agree with FPI: Yes.12/24 vs Detroit Lions – 52.8%The Lions are improving under Dan Campbell, albeit in just one season. That roster isn’t as bad as people think. This will be a tough, hard-fought win.Agree with FPI: Yes.1/1 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 36.4%This should be sub-20%. Carolina hasn’t been competitive in Tampa during the Tom Brady era and I wouldn’t expect that to change in 2022 unle s their playoff seeding is already locked in and they’re resting starters.Agree with FPI: No.1/8 at New Orleans – 38%I don’t see Carolina sweeping the Saints but they have a Adolis García Jersey chance to win this game. This is probably the most accurate percentage of any game on the Panthers’ schedule.Agree with FPI: Yes.

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