Essential Facts About E-Waste and Data Security You Need to Know

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, refers to electronic products that have reached the end of their life or the consumer does not want to use them anymore. They can be any electronic device used in a household or office, including computers, televisions, monitors, copiers, stereos, mobile phones, cameras, printers, DVD players, batteries, etc. Electronic waste can be a primary issue in terms of personal data security. If you do not dispose of your e-waste correctly, you put yourself in a position when your data can be stolen, and you may be subjected to some kind of identity theft or cyber crime. That is why when it’s time to get rid of your old computers and mobile phones, you must give the responsibility of proper disposal to ITAD disposition companies Chicago.

Here are a few facts you must know about e-waste and data security:

  • Computers, laptops, and mobile phones have become easy targets for hackers. Even if you delete all files and folders, they have ways to steal your sensitive data and misuse it for their malicious benefit.
  • An individual or organization can lose several dollars to cyber crime, primarily if you do not protect your IT equipment adequately. This is where ITAD companies Chicago come to the rescue. Ensuring proper e-waste disposal and IT asset disposition solution Chicago guarantees 100% protection for your data.
  • If you delete your files from your equipment, it does not mean that it is completely destroyed. The files can be recovered even if you format your device or restore it to factory settings. In terms of data security, deleting files only means hiding them from view. The data saved on your device continues to stay, and hackers can easily recover it using their own means.
  • When it’s time to dispose of your old computers, the first step most people take is to simply overwrite or delete the files and ship them to a recycling center. However, it is a fact that doing this is not sufficient to prevent any data recovery. You must have deleted the files, but in reality, they are still present on your computer in an unreadable format. They are less accessible, but hackers can retrieve them with their knowledge and special equipment.

Now that you are aware of these crucial facts about e-waste and data security, IT asset disposition solution Chicago is the best way to ensure that all your sensitive data is completely destroyed and unretrievable. In this process, experts pulverize your hard drive and ensure 100% data destruction. Smashing the hard drive is not enough since destruction also involves destroying its magnetic platters and severing each track on them. ITAD companies Chicago are proficient in complete data destruction. So, hiring them is the best way to prevent sensitive data from being stolen from your old devices once they leave your home or office.

COM2 Recycling Solutions securely destroy hard drives, floppy disks, compact disks, and other media. All computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and others have hard drives that hold crucial information. ITAD disposition companies Chicago take the responsibility of shredding, wiping, and de-manufacturing your devices to keep them safe against data theft.

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