Essential Features of a luxury Villa


Are you planning on going to Villa shopping? Well, only the richest in the world can do so because we all know how expensive and luxurious Villas are nowadays with the amazing lush gardens to the most modern technology and striking and stunning interior décor. Whether you are going to buy a 2 bedroom villa for sale in Sharjah or a full family sized Villa there are so many features that you need to look for before you make the purchase.

There are some essential features that Villas in Sharjah should have because after all, you want everything to be perfect before you invest your life savings into something this expensive. So today in this article we are going to look at some of the most essential features that one must look in a villa other than the panoramic views and spacious and lush gardens. So let us look at those essential features in detail.

1.      Impressive Gardens

Luxurious and impressive gardens are the part and parcel of having a villa. The gardens surrounding the villa should be clearly drafted and planned inch by inch. The trees and the pools and the entrance should give an eye-catching view from the top because what is a villa without some impressive gardens.

2.      Luxurious swimming pools

Swimming pools are a must. There is no way that a Villa would be complete with a huge ass swimming pool because if you are going to be living in Sharjah then there are going to be some really hot days that you will have to endure so having a full family sized swimming pool would make your hot days perfect.

3.      Stunning views

Since a villa covers a lot of space thus they are mostly constructed in the area away from the central city. You villa should be facing the mountain peaks, the deserted deserts or endless oceans because views constitute more than 50% of the price of a place to get a villa that offers you some soothing and calming views.

4.      Location and surroundings

If you are going to personally live in your villa then you need to consider the surrounding as well. A good international school, some supermarkets, and other services should be nearby so that you can easily access them so try to get a villa that isn’t far from the city so that you can easily access the city routes to fulfill your needs.


These are the features that define a villa. Other than the above mentioned there are some other features as well that a villa should have and the builder should incorporate in the property before putting it up for sale but before anything else you must focus on the aforementioned features because they are essential. Without them, a villa won’t be a villa. So think clearly and take some expert advice before you make your final decision.

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