Essential Questions to Ask Before Starting Stained Glass Restoration.

If you have stained glass items, you have a prized possession that’s becoming rare these days. But it could be that you recently tried to remove stained glass from a window frame and ended up cracking, chipping, or scratching it. 

Perhaps you want to repair and modernize your stained glass windows to mark a new milestone or anniversary in your life, church, or store.

Maybe you’ve noticed signs of deterioration in your antique stained glass artwork. Now you want to restore it to its pristine condition. 

But you are not sure where to start. 

So, how do you repair stained glass? 

Well, here are some questions you’ll want to ask. 

Some of them you can pose to a professional stained glass restoration company for accurate answers.

Does my stained glass need restoration?

Here are some questions to ask to see if you do. 

  • Do you notice any bulging when you stand beside or underneath the stained glass?
  • Does the glass appear convex or concave against its frame?
  • Does the lead bend when you press it with your fingers?
  • Are there visible cracks in the grooved leaded strips that support the glass (lead came)?
  • Are there any cracks on the soldered joints?
  • Does the stained glass panel have any detached reinforcing bars?
  • Can you spot any light gaps?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then your stained glass needs restoration sooner than later.

Can stained glass be repaired?

Stained glass restoration works, especially when you work with a professional glass resurfacing service provider. An expert can clean, repair, and restore the exotic glass back to life hassle-free. 

However, and this is important, not any glass restoration company will do. Work with one that has experience restoring stained glass specifically. 

If a vendor claims that they can, then ask to see before and after pictures of similar projects they’ve handled before.

Otherwise, ask for a no-distortion guarantee to protect your investment. 

Can stained glass restoration deteriorate it further?

Mishandling stained glass can crack, chip, or scratch it. The biggest issue with restoring stained glass is removing, cleaning, and soldering the lead came. Poor handling can break entire panels into the smaller pieces it is made up of. 

That’s not what you want. It helps to work with an experienced vendor from the beginning. 

Is there stained glass restoration near me? 

Stained glass panels are delicate and should be handled with care. And that’s one reason you do not want to ship damaged or old stained glass over long distances for restoration. They may sustain further damage while at it.

Instead, see if repairs can be completed onsite. 

However, if the work involves frame reinforcement, extensive soldering, and new leading on multiple spots, that might not be possible.  

How much does it cost to repair stained glass?

That’ll depend. High-quality lead came combines high-strength and a fine grain structure that can ensure your stained glass lasts for decades. The restoration process itself is delicate and requires skill. All that means restoring stained glass can be a significant investment. 

Consider your budget. 

You may not need to have bells and whistles ingrained into your glass. 

Or, you may come to an agreement on a payment plan or discount.  

What’s included in your quote?

Some questions to ask here include whether the glass restoration expert will cover any damages made to the glass while in their possession. 

Remember to ask who covers the cost of shipping the panel to and from the vendor’s workshop. 

Bottom Line

Restoring stained glassworks. You just need to have a professional do it for you. You’ll want to work with an experienced and local service. You also want someone you can come to an agreement with about pricing.

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