Essential questions to lower your firm’s cost per case

While many of the above questions seem random, and frankly wide in scope, there is, in fact, a calculated reason behind each one. And the countless others that need to be addressed. Historically, custom-designed television media buying strategies have been the driving force behind successful law firm marketing. And to a degree, that still holds true even in today’s digital world. However, it’s the implications of that digital world which call for the above questions.

A law firm’s clientele no longer enters the firm through one point of contact – the phone call. Add social media, paid search, content marketing, out of home, PR, experiential, and countless other channels to the media mix. The million-dollar question is which one (or ones) made the connection and motivated the client to make contact. And equally important, if multiple touchpoints, in which order.

Successful law firms and smart marketing do not happen magically, nor or overnight. As a skilled team of media veterans, experienced in both online and offline media tactics, every component plays a role in getting law firm clients to take action. It’s that objective strategy and experience, balanced across all media channels, that begs the above questions to be brought to the table and addressed. When all cylinders are firing in perfect harmony, the team at Morgan & Co. sees with clarity which media channels (or combination of) are driving clients to the firm, and at what cost. Not until that point can a law firm grow, capture market share and realize its full potential as a marketer.

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Essential questions to lower your firm’s cost per case

Client testimonial

“As one of the largest television advertisers in America, with multiple offices throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, we have a very complex media strategy. Eric and his team have executed this strategy flawlessly for many years with incredible results. My firm has continued to grow every year, and Eric is an integral part of my marketing strategy and success.”

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