Essential reforms for a bathroom:

If you are planning for bathroom renovation, you are here at the right place as we at Adams Bathrooms, we are experts in the installation of any types of bathroom.

Here we give you various essential reforms for a bathroom:

Change the bathtub for a shower:

Changing the bathtub for a shower tray provides comfort and extra space in the bathroom. Also, security is increased by eliminating access barriers, and especially useful measures in the case of the elderly or children.

The shower can be built-in or a prefabricated compact tray: in both cases, it is a reform that can be done in a few hours.

Install a shower screen:

Bath screens are more aesthetic and hygienic than traditional shower curtains since they can be easily cleaned and provide a diaphanous look to the bathroom that increases visual amplitude.

This makes them especially recommended in the renovation of small bathrooms, in which a transparent screen is a great ally.

Painting bathroom tiles:

Painting bathroom tiles is an easy and inexpensive alternative to full tiling bathroom wall tiles. With the use of specific glazes to paint tiles, optimal results are obtained in a short time.

Change bathroom furniture:

Reforming or bathroom installation, in addition to improving the quality of the finishes and the state of the facilities, consists of improving the aesthetics.

Changing the bathroom furniture is one of the current trends to renew the style and decoration. Suspended toilets and functional furniture are usually among the most demanded. The average price of furnishing a bathroom of about 5 m² is around $ 2,000, always depending on the quality of the materials.

Change lighting:

In most cases, bathroom renovation without works involves improving poor or excessively cold lighting, creating a renovated, well-lit, and welcoming space.

LED bulbs are an economical option that will reduce the electricity bill and improve the energy efficiency of the home. Another option is mirrors and furniture with integrated light, which combines aesthetics with functionality.

Renovate furniture and decoration:

Another alternative for the renovation or bath installation without works is to modify the decorative elements of the room. The materials and colors must be consistent with the size of the bathroom and with the decoration of the rest of the house.

It is useful to consult with the opinion of a professional interior designer or decorator like Adams Bathrooms to exploit all the existing options and satisfy the aesthetic needs of the bathroom.






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