Do you want to install a CCTV camera by yourself and do not know what to get? Or do you have everything in place but are not sure how to begin the installation? You have just hit the jackpot in this article. There are certain things everyone planning to do a camera installation must consider before attempting the installation. Those four things are listed below with a piece of bonus information to ensure a flawless security camera sales and installation process.

  1. Number of camera and positioning

Your house or office size determines how many CCTV cameras you will be getting for the space. If you need to cover a large area, just one or two cameras will not do justice to the security of your territory. So, it would be best to conclude what you need to monitor and how many cameras will help with proper monitoring. When you are settled on the number, the positioning of all cameras is also a primary criterion to consider. If your camera is well positioned, it will prevent quick damage due to adverse weather conditions and hide it from intruders’ view. So, you will be killing two birds with a stone by doing adequate research on the best places to install your camera, both indoor and outdoor.

  1. Decide how the CCTV system will be monitored.

If you want to set up a CCTV that uses an internet connection, you will need to get an IP address for that course. You also need to set up the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the hardware. The DVR will help in recording while your hardware will store the data. You can decide the time the data will be held in that particular hardware for effective recording. Also, if you want to monitor your home while away, you will need to set up a remote control system connected to your phone or computer. Either way you choose to monitor your home is excellent, but deciding this is paramount.

  1. Decide on the CCTV camera power backup.

What happens if the power goes off and you are away from the house? Does that render your camera useless till you are back to adjust the fitting, or do you contact building access control install services? Well, power backup is a critical factor to consider before finalizing the installation. It is recommended that you connect the CCTV camera to a constant power supply and have a steady power backup that comes on even when there is a general cut-out.

building access control install service

  1. Decide how the camera will be maintained.

After installation, the work doesn’t stop, especially if security is non-negotiable for you. This means you have to schedule a plan that helps you time your camera and know what needs to be done to keep it running effectively. You will have to clean, remove cobwebs, do repairs, and might have to replace some. To avoid changing your camera too often, get security camera sales and installation from a trusted brand. By doing that, you will save yourself from excessive spending.


Here you go- the four fundamental things to consider as you plan CCTV installation. One final bonus point to note is the positioning of the DVR. If you place it where it can be stolen, all your efforts of installation have been wasted. Hence, please don’t lose it for anything. If you need building access control install services to help with the positioning, contact VOLTEX SECURITY SYSTEMS and enjoy the security your home deserves.


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