Essential Tools Every Auto Mechanic Needs

There are tools every mechanic knows they need, from wrenches to air tools. However, there are quite a few essential tools that might not be on a mechanic’s radar that will significantly impact their job. Whether it’s quality-of-life improvements or a tool that makes a job easier, these tools should be in every auto mechanic’s shop.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.20.32 AMPlatform Truck

Between parts and tools, mechanics have to carry a lot of items throughout the day. As essential as keg handling hand trucks are to brewery delivery drivers, platform trucks can take the burden of moving car parts off the mechanic. Platform trucks offer an easy way to carry multiple heavy items at once. The best platform trucks are impact-resistant and made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, able to handle heavy loads with ease while wheeling around the garage.

Hand Lift Truck

When a heavy item needs to be transported and raised or lowered, consider a hand lift truck. These are essentially walk behind forklifts that have a powered lifting function but are otherwise unpowered. No license is needed to operate it. The best are also highly versatile. The Magliner LiftPlus, for example, can also be used as a mobile work bench by switching out the fork attachment, perfect for when you need to work right at the car.

Light Bar

Whether it’s a small handheld light bar or one that fits over the hood so you can get a better look at the engine, invest in LED light bars. They’ll save your eyes in dim light and make it easier to see problems.

Battery-Powered Impact Driver

In days of old, a battery-powered impact driver couldn’t compete with an air-powered tool. Those days are gone. Buy one and revel in the mobility and freedom you have given yourself.

Out-of-Sight Pliers

Nearly all mechanics already have at least one pair of needle-nose pliers. The problem is seeing what you are trying to work on, as your hand is in the way. These out-of-sight pliers fix the problem by offsetting the handle, letting you get a full view of your work.

Wire Lock-Picking Tools

It’s easy to destroy the plastic pins and slides that lock electrical connections together in late-model vehicles. A set of wire lock-picking tools can help you finesse the locks, easily freeing them without damage. Plus, they are great for removing oil cartridge filters’ seals and door handle locking pins.

Nut Splitter

Nuts on old cars may as well be welded in place. Instead of stripping the threads, use a nut splitter to crack the nut, protecting the threads.

Battery Carrier

While new car batteries can be heavy, old car batteries were very heavy. A battery carrier can save you back and hands, clamping onto the battery for easy removal from the vehicle and giving you an easy-to-carry handle.

About Magline

For over 70 years, the name “Magliner” has represented the very best of the material handling industry. They’re so commonly used that people will often to refer to any hand truck they see as a Magliner, but don’t be fooled. There’s no substitute for the quality and dependability of a Magliner. In addition to the classic Magliner hand truck, they carry a wide selection of more specialized tools, including the walk behind forklift, the stair climbing dolly, the u boat cart, and a variety of motorized and powered hand trucks for heavier work. For warehouses, deliveries, and any hauling job you can think of, choose Magliner products.

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