Essential Tools for Your Party Planning and Rental Business

KegOperating a party planning and rental business can be tricky. Delivering anything from large tents to bounce houses is heavy, slow work, and accidents can cause injuries even in relatively safe working conditions. Whether you are setting up a wedding or renting supplies out for a holiday party, the following material handling tools can help you move party supplies quickly and safely. This, in turn, ensures your customers and employees are well cared for, which will help your business continue to succeed.

Convertible Hand Truck

A convertible hand truck transforms from a classic upright hand truck position to a horizontal hand truck, giving it a longer, flat surface. It’s perfect for wider loads that a classic hand truck isn’t able to transport. This can help move anything from stacks of chairs to cases of drinks. It’s ideal for transporting utensils, cups, and other supplies, including smaller pedestals and tables. As it is also able to function upright like a classic hand truck, this will prove to be a workhorse in transporting rental items. A convertible hand truck in the vertical position can carry multiple boxes and offers maximum mobility, giving your drivers the ability to get the job done quickly.

Motorized Hand Cart

Transporting and setting up event tents can be time-consuming for even experienced employees. An electric hand cart allows your team to move event tents quickly and efficiently into place. The best motorized hand carts have an attachment that will use the hand cart’s powered feature to push up tent poles, saving your employees time and effort. It can help speed up the rental process, getting the event ready faster for clients.

An electric hand cart can also carry other common heavy party equipment, such as heaters for an outdoor holiday party. From cotton candy machines to popcorn machines, it can do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring your employees don’t strain their backs moving heavy equipment into place.

Keg Hand Truck

If your party planning company transports kegs to and from parties, a keg handling hand truck might be right for your delivery truck. With a curved back meant for cradling kegs and other round objects, it makes transporting kegs to and from the delivery truck a breeze. If your company is hired for a bigger party and needs to transport a number of kegs, consider a u boat cart with a keg attachment. This enables your drivers to stack kegs and move them all at once, saving time and energy over even a keg handling hand truck.

About Magline

For over 70 years, the Magliner hand truck has represented the apex of material handling equipment. So much so, in fact, that the word “Magliner” is regularly used to refer to a hand cart of any brand. Don’t let that fool you, though: There is only one Magliner. Their standard for dependability, reliability, ease of use, and quality is unmatched. In addition to that traditional hand truck, Magline offers a terrific variety of specialized material handling equipment, including a stair climbing cart collection, electric hand truck selection, a walk behind forklift line, and much more. For warehouse pickers, delivery drivers, logistics and trucking professionals, and any other occupation that relies on moving stock, there is a perfect Magliner to make it happen.

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