Essentials To Consider When Selecting Door Opener System

No matter how good a garage door you have installed, it may not be functional if the door opener is not perfect. Homeowners are usually not comfortable making the right choice. There are technical aspects that need to be considered during the selection process.


You have to consider selecting a door opener system that will work best with the type of door that is installed.


  • Always understand all possible options you have the best with you
  • It is advisable to speak to the dealer before making your choice
  • Test the system for the door that is installed in your garage


You can look around for Genie garage door opener Lexington KY options available. You may have to compare the options for multiple features.


  • Focus on the driving force


The main purpose of installing a door opener is to make the door operation smooth. The door opener will open and close the garage door. Most of the systems are motorized and can be controlled using a simple device.


The moment it is about the driving force, you may have to consider the right type of drive system that you will use. You always select one that is the right fit for your needs.


  • Horsepower


The drive system should have the right percentage of horsepower. This is important so the drive system can lift the garage door to the desired height. If the garage door is lightweight then you may not need a powerful motor to operate it.


You can always consult Genie garage door opener Lexington KY expert team. Professionals can always inspect the garage door and then make recommendations. To operate a double-type garage door, you may need more horsepower.


  • Power input


What type of input power are you planning to use? You have both options –AC and DC. It is important to get familiar with the technical features of the garage door you are installing.


DC power and AC power will generate different outputs. You can also read the technical features of the garage door motor before you make your choice. Different motors may need different power input types. Always ensure that you do not overlook the specifications.


  • Back up source


Backup is essential in case there is a failure to operate the garage door. If the power cut is frequent then you may need a proper backup system. You also need proper backup in case the door fails to operate using an automated system.


You can speak to the expert Genie garage door opener Lexington KY team and then decide. Always ensure that you install a door opener that will work perfectly using automated and manual controls. If power fails then the door can be operated using a mechanical device.


  • Rolling to sliding


What type of door do you have installed? You may need different door openers for sliding and rolling type garage doors. You have to consider this factor in advance.


Your choice of the right door opener will decide how smooth the door will be to operate. If your choice is wrong then the door might not operate smoothly. Always check with a complete list in advance.

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