Ethical Hacker Roles and Responsibilities

In order to hack lawfully, ethical hackers must adhere to a set of rules. A good hacker is aware of his or her responsibilities and follows all ethical norms. The following are the most essential ethical hacking rules:

The organisation that owns the system must give permission to an ethical hacker. Before executing any security audit on the system or network, hackers should get complete authorisation.
Determine the scope of their assessment and inform the organisation of their plan.
Any security flaws or vulnerabilities discovered in the system or network should be reported.
Keep their discoveries to themselves. Ethical hackers should agree to and respect their non-disclosure agreement because their goal is to secure the system or network.
After inspecting the system, delete any traces of the attack.

Learning Ethical Hacking  Course involves studying the mindset and techniques of black hat hackers and testers to learn how to identify and correct vulnerabilities within networks. Studying ethical hacking can be applied by security pros across industries and in a multitude of sectors. This sphere includes network defender, risk management, and quality assurance tester.

However, the most obvious benefit of learning ethical hacking is its potential to inform and improve and defend corporate networks. The primary threat to any organization’s security is a hacker: learning, understanding, and implementing how hackers operate can help network defenders prioritize potential risks and learn how to remediate them best. Additionally, getting ethical hacking training or certifications can benefit those who are seeking a new role in the security realm or those wanting to demonstrate skills and quality to their organization.

You understood what is ethical hacking, and the various roles and responsibilities of an ethical hacker, and you must be thinking about what skills you require to become an ethical hacker. So, let’s have a look at some of the ethical hacker skills.

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