EV Charging Stations: Good for Car Owners, Good for Property Owners

The rise of the EV charging apartment has helped both electric vehicle (EV) owners and property owners. By having charging stations at parking spaces or in parking garages, people do not need to waste time searching for a place to recharge their cars. Instead, they will have one right where they live. This can lead to greater peace of mind for EV owners, increased revenue for management companies and a cleaner environment for everyone.

The benefits of EV ownership include:

• Reduced Carbon Footprint: By their very nature, EVs are extremely eco-friendly. Since they do not need to burn fossil fuels to move, they do not release potentially harmful gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, EVs allow owners to reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

• Reduced Maintenance and Repairs: EVs typically require less maintenance and repairs than cars which use fossil fuels do. EVs have fewer fluids which need changing and fewer parts which need replacing.

• Outstanding Savings: Because EVs need to be serviced less often than gasoline-powered vehicles do, owners get the chance to save money on repairs and upkeep.

Driving an EV has several benefits, but EV ownership comes with its share of difficulties. Currently, the biggest issue is having reliable access to an EV charger. People can find it inconvenient to drive to some remote location just to power their cars. Charging facilities have begun popping up at more commercial spaces and public areas, but accessibility is still a major problem.

Despite any potential inconveniences or drawbacks, more and more people have become interested in owning EVs. Worldwide sales of EVs are expected to reach 3 million by the end of 2020. With this in mind, the advantages of property owners investing in condo EV charging facilities start to come into focus.

In-house charging stations can make apartments and condos immensely attractive to EV owners. They can enhance the value of various properties, making them more in demand and easier to sell.

As more apartment complexes see the benefits of installing EV chargers, the popularity of electrically powered cars should increase too. In turn, this will help create a cleaner and more hospitable world for us all.

EverCharge offers advanced EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) solutions to clients in real estate and property management. They can assist with all aspects of deploying EV and Tesla charging station, including onsite evaluations, gaining HOA approval and ongoing maintenance.

About EverCharge

EverCharge offers industry-leading EVSE solutions to apartments, condominiums and fleets. The company’s combination of unmatched expertise and advanced technology makes it easy for clients to install and maintain apartment EV charging stations.

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