Evaluate Your Windows Like A Professional To Get It Replaced

Sooner or later, things expire and need a replacement. The same goes for windows as well. There comes a time when you have to bid goodbye to the age-old window because its efficiency is degraded.

But! How do you get to know about this? 

You have two options; call a professional Denver Colorado window company to examine and quote for replacement or DIY. You already have the first option secured; why don’t you test your skills for ones.

Let’s get the task to begin. 

Step by step guide to examine your windows 

  • Visually inspect the whole window

Examine the window thoroughly for any breakage in the window frame, glass, locks, etc. This is the easiest of all steps, but you need sharp eyes to spot the damage.

  • Examine the frame for damage

Frames could be of wood, metal, vinyl, etc. Examine each properly for their corners, underneath, and other hidden areas first. If you have a wooden frame, the damage is easy to spot. You can see the crack, worn-out surface, and rotting. But in the case of metal frames, you will have to check thoroughly for dents, dings, and any other damage caused by the storm.

  • Check the caulking and locks

Caulks, when they get old, they get dried and crumbled. So, thoroughly look for crumbling of caulks because damaged insulation affects your HVAC system as it has to work hard to keep the house warm during cold and vice versa.

Further thoroughly examine the locks whether they still secure tightly or don’t work properly. If locks are securing the window tightly, they don’t need replacement. Otherwise, you will require one of the reliable Denver window replacement companies to get the caulks and locks fixed or replaced as necessary.

  • Test the airflow when closed

The window must close correctly. They should be airtight so that the outside air should not come inside and keep the space warm in winters and cool in summers. So, to test the airflow when closed, turn off the fans inside the house and close the window. Next, light a candle and place it in front of the window seams. If the window is secured and airtight, the flame will not bend. But if the window has some space to let the air in and out, the flame will bend.

  • Do the paper test 

This test tells whether your window closes tightly or not. So, take a piece of paper and place it on the window sill and close the window. Now, try to pull the paper out. If the paper comes out easily without tearing off, there is a draft in your window. But if the paper rips off, the window is working fine.

  • Check for the noise

If the insulation of your window is weak, the noise will definitely be heard. So, if the outside noise is well-heard from the inside, the window needs some work or replacement. The right degree of damage can be judged by a professional only.

  • Difficulty in opening and closing the window

A window that is new or correctly installed works properly. In contrast, old, damaged, and rusted windows are difficult to open and close smoothly. So, if you have been facing issues while opening and closing the window for quite a time, it is clear that your window needs replacement.

Hiring the professional window services in Denver 

If you have performed the DIY as guided above and got to a conclusion that you need window replacement, then hire one of the professional window replacement companies Denver

A professional company has plenty of window design and style ideas to replace your old window with a new one. One such company in Denver is Clear Water Ext. The company has a skilled team to examine and replace your windows at affordable prices. Reach them for a free quote.

Types of window offerings by Clear Water Ext

  • Sliding Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Casement & Awning Windows
  • Picture Windows and Special Shapes
  • Bay, Bow & Garden Windows

So, visit the official website of the company and write to them. You can also call them on the phone numbers provided on the website.

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