EVE Echoes with lots of interesting content is now free-to-play

If you want to list those games that can make a developer from a small company to a big company in a short time, EVE Online must be one of them. The game is a space-based MMORPG, with 500,000 subscribers in early 2013. A game studio called CCP Games from Iceland has developed this amazing game. Even in the golden age of MMORPG, EVE Online is enough to become one of the most economical games of its kind.

There is an interesting concept in EVE Online that players usually call “griefing”. Because the game encourages PVP battles between players, if the player is strong enough or joins a group of players with strong combat capabilities, he can plunder or blackmail other players without worrying about being punished by the system. Game developer CCP Games once released a free version of EVE Online in 2013, but the content contained in it was very limited and could not attract too many new users.

CCP Games once announced important information about the mobile version of EVE at the beginning of this year. The situation at that time was that the COVID-19 pandemic caused great damage to all industries, including the game industry. Therefore, the mobile game named EVE Echoes was also due to this disaster. And was forced to postpone the EVE Echoes ISK release. Not long ago, players finally confirmed that they can experience EVE Echoes on iOS and Android.

It is worth noting that although the game contains almost all the content in the PC version, it is free to play on the mobile phone. So every player who has played EVE Online or is interested in space adventure should download and try this game, provided that your phone hardware supports its needs. Of course, some people think that there may be a large number of game items that need to be purchased in the game, because game developers need to make money in this way. But if the content of the game is kept in sync with the PC version, then it may not cost a lot of money to buy things, and every player can become self-sufficient after being familiar with the game content. Now, players who want to experience the game can pre-register in the Google Play store so that they will be notified of the download after the game is officially released.

According to the introduction on the relevant page of the official website, the story of EVE Echoes will take place in a huge and permanent universe, and it will contain more than 8K huge galaxies similar to the solar system. As a sandbox MMORPG, the game provides many different paths for players to choose from, such as adventure in space, mining on resource-rich planets and trading resources with other players. Players who are keen on interstellar battles can also interact with players or CPU to fight.

The victorious side in the battle can loot all the items as loot before destroying the ship, and sell those items that it does not have to earn EVE Echoes ISK. As the universal currency in the game, each player needs to consume a large amount of ISK to purchase various useful resources and even more advanced battleships. More and more players choose to buy EVE Echoes ISK in https://www.mmowts.com/eve-echoes-isk to save money. This is a very trustworthy game currency store.

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