EVE is fun in so many facets

FWIW, EE can only be downloaded one of EVE Mobile ISK my Chromebooks (Pixel Slate) and not two others.Not that it matters for Geforce Now, unless they’re bypassing some Chromebooks for other reasons…I played EO consistently for approximately 8 years, and also on-and-off sporadically for the following 3. I’ve got capital ships, I’ve got billions of isk, I’ve struck trillions before but lost the drive to drive hard since I gained more irl responsibilities (needing to pay a mortgage really is a bitch let me inform youI miss my carefree years).

Then came EE, also it provided what I wanted. Casual EVE. I’ve been in nigh-endless wars that never seem to actually shift front lines that far, I’ve been the winner, so I have been the loser, I have had huge profits, I’ve gotten a freighter popped. EVE is fun in so many facets, and a number of my best memories still revolve around blopdrops, sitting around orbiting a blop for seven hours only to have two minutes of popping through the Cyno for a twenty minute battle and running out to regroup. To lots of people, that’s lots of wasted time, I didn’t even get loot.

EE does not need to be EO. Bubbles are a mistake. Taking away safe afk autopilot is a error. Making EE more like EO2-Mobile is a huge mistake. We do not need another EO, we’ve already GOT EO. If we desired to have several accounts and scout and do all of the time consuming bullshit inherent with mid-to-high level gameplay in EO, we’d still be on EO. SO MANY OF US are tired of that constant time investment and we can not do it, even if we’d love to. Playing with EE has made me want to go look in my own EO account again and just spin around in my dreadnought, though it’s still around (can’t remember where I parked it tbh, might be long gone when I parked it at a corp base, which I’m fine with).Let me start off by saying I always wanted to play EVE online, but never did. To innovative, grind fest nightmirror, and waaaaay to much attention was needed along with a learning curve that blew off my head.

Devs Sold us the notion: So when EVE Echoes was declared as a”Condensed” variation on cellular, I got super excited! Only a couple of buttons, easy learning curve yet still complex enough to be enjoyable, and cartoring to”Mobile” players with AFK travel (This is a selling point from the devs themselves) You are able to AFK, or if you get disconnected, telephone call, wifi, or even actual life issues suddenly require your attention. They SOLD THIS GAME as a mobile game with the guarantee it might cater to phone users. We didn’t make this up in our little heads, so they told us flat out,”AFK” was something. They even emphasized that if you simply have a few min, log on, then ship your ship a few where to perform a quick delivery, log away.

Release: So when the game was published, the next for weeks went by in a blink! This game was fun, and guess what, you died in Null sec to some great many things/senariors*. What? You can’t AFK travel anymore? Why? And more importantly,”What the hell are you offering to counter this?” Its a PHONE GAME! (Sure folks do it, but that is not a”Telephone” match or buy eve echoes isk what the devs SOLD us.

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