Even During Tough Weather, There’s a Plainfield Before and After Care for Your Child You Can Count On

This winter has been, in a word, remarkable. Frigid temperatures, excessive snow and ice, and all of the wonderful conditions we have grown accustomed to, but in magnified force. For parents who are looking for a quality Plainfield before and after care center for their child, they may worry about proximity, safety, security, and other factors.

Those are important considerations to make.

Unfortunately, some of these parents end up focusing on proximity to their workplace or home as their primary concern. While this, in itself, is not a major problem, it can lead them to incredible missed opportunities.

For example, not every Plainfield before and after care center is actually focused on education and early childhood development like KLA Schools of Plainfield is. Many of these before and after care facilities are essentially nothing more than glorified babysitters. Children are dropped off, placed in rooms according to their age and/or development cycle, and they may have one, two, or three adults, often young individuals, looking after them.

They don’t offer much structure, provide little educational benefit, and may even ignore some children who have some difficulties with their peers.

You want better for your child.

As such, focuse instead on a preschool environment rather than just a before and after care facility, or basically what it boils down to a day care center. KLA Schools of Plainfield is one of the leading early educational development facilities in the region.

What makes them one of the best?

Not only do they provide early drop-off hours and the opportunity for parents to pick their children up once they get off from work in the late afternoon or evening, they also utilize the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. This system, developed in a small town in Italy, places the child at the center of the learning environment. In other words, it allows the child to explore his or her environment, focusing on objects or items that are most interesting to them, and the teachers work with that to help them learn and grow.

When a child is at KLA Schools, they are often excited.

While many children may certainly be excited to go and play with friends at a before or after care facility or day care environment, they are most often thoroughly excited for each opportunity to learn and grow and develop at KLA Schools. With the outdoor learning environment, being able to plant and grow their own garden vegetables outside in the spring and summer months, exploring their creative side in the atelier, or arts center, are all benefits that KLA Schools offers their students.

About KLA Schools:

For any parent who is a busy working professional and needs a quality Plainfield before & after care facility, they should consider the fact that 90 percent of a child’s brain development occurs by the time he or she is five years of age. Now is the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of these benefits KLA Schools of Plainfield offers.

For more information, you can visit klaschoolsplainfield.com.

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