Every Instagram user should know this.

Instagram is all about sharing information through images and videos. People do a lot of hard work and keep patience to increase the number of free Instagram followers and likes on their profile. There are many businesses which use Instagram for brand recognition and more engagement, and for more engagement, you have to work hard to build up a following on social media, and you have to create an impressive campaign but it is equally important to know how many people engage with your content?

When we talk about Instagram there are a lot of things you should do and you should not do. The do’s and dont’s play a major role while posting to get more Instagram followers and likes. Here are some points to remember.


1. More engagement will help you so keep interacting with those who interact with you.

2. If you like someone’s content then follow them and learn new things to bring changes to your profile.

3. Use at least a few hashtags that too relevant one.

4. Make proper use of Instagram stories. Don’t forget to use swipe up and see more options for increasing traffic.

5. Use attractive images with knowledgeable captions for the audience to understand easily.

6. Use an eye catchy theme for your profile to maintain your uniqueness.

7. Add the website link to your profile’s bio for the audience to explore more.


1. Don’t follow to unfollow. If you unfollow the one you have followed it is considered rude.

2. Don’t use Instagram bots because sometimes bots may like inappropriate posts and post nonrelevant comments.

3. Don’t focus on quantity rather focus on quality as it will help you to create leads.

4. Don’t ignore your followers as they may unfollow you.

5. Don’t buy Instagram followers as it may ruin your authenticity.

6. Don’t post Images and captions which are copied.

7. Don’t post what everyone is posting. Be unique.

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