Every Sci-Fi Movie Releasing in 2020

As the success of Sci-fi horror over the years has increased, it is not shocking to see some big-hitting movies releasing in 2020. Some movies, including Morbius and Mutants, crossed over, so there is a large variety of options to enjoy for audiences. Horror is the kind of genre that has a lot of room to overlap for various genres and style that works truly well. Some of a popular infusion with horror is horror/comedy and sci-fi/horror mix. One of the popular sci-fi/horror films which are considered as the ground for the success of the sub-genre is the Alien of Ridley Scott’s introduced in 1979. Though it has gone much further with movies including The Fly in 1958, and Invasion of Body Snatchers in 1956. The Thing from another world in 1951 introduced and showed the lasting legacy for both genres.

Underwater in 10th January

Underwater hit the theatre on 10th January and also leave the same impact on audiences that Alien has done years before. The claustrophobic set profound in the sea was the same as Scott’s setting of a large emptiness of space, same as the crew end up in experiencing the terror and the unknown monster hiding in the particular area. The director of the movie, Eubanks, went for record and mentioned that creatures in undersea are Cthulhu, which viewers have noticed. It means that there can be a good future for sci-fi horror movies kinds; however, Lovecraftian horror is not the faraway future.

Fantasy Island in 14th February

The Blumhouse productions movie Fantasy Island has shown the plot, including HBO series, Westworld, and The Cabin in the Woods. As the trailer has hyped the secrets of the island, the idea of the concept as a backbone that may attract the audience’s desire and bringing back to life. The movie is about the old ABC TV series of the exact name. The version on TV was not horror depending on the genre, so it looks like the Blumhouse is trying to make the modern version of the feature film.

The Invisible Man in 28th February

Leigh Whannell has decided to make the H.G Wells original tale into the great plot with The Invisible Man. A novel was published in 1897, and the first film was directed in 1933. Time has gone since golden years of original monsters of Universal. Till then, there has been a huge improvement in technology, which Whannell will take advantage of the era with sci-fi discovery and bringing the Well’s story in the state of horror.

A Quiet Place 2 on 20th March

The sequel of the movie 2018 directed by John Krasinski, A Quiet Place 2 is about the Abbott family stepping without the patriarch of the family. The trailer of the movie shows the strange monsters terrestrial, who appears with the slightest sound. It casts new characters played by Djimon Hounsou and Cillian Murphy to the story, including Noah Jupe, Emily Blunt, and Millicent Simmonds, who continue their roles from part 1.

Morbius on 31st July

As Venom has done some great quantity at a box office, it was time before when Sony may provide the villain focused tale for viewers. Morbius is the type of Spiderman villain who turns himself into a living vampire who has a lot of weaknesses and strengths of the traditional vampire through fictional history. Morbius was sure to be the portion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which may increase the crossovers between not only horror or sci-fi, also superhero horror and films with presenting of Blade in the near future.

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