Every Superman Video Game Leak Date and Rumors

Superman is one of the most powerful and versatile heroes in the superhero section, but he does not have any popular video game. It is true that games on Superman are way too late, and there was no sequel to his first game. That is why still, after so many years, other hero games are much popular than Superman.
In 2015 Rocksteady Studio released Batman Arkham Knight, which was a huge hit. That is why we can expect that the studio is still working on making a DC universe game or more specifically a Superman one. Amidst all the hopes there are several rumors and leak dates that always reach the fans. So here is every known rumor regarding the Superman games.

How It All Started
In 2015 Rocksteady released Batman Arkham Knight, and it was also the last game that the company released in the console game category. At the time of release, it was already confirmed that it would be the last version of the game in the trilogy. The references of Superman are given a lot in the game, and that is why the rumor was also spread. Numerous Superman fans believed that now the new version of Superman will come after the Batman game. Some screenshot of Superman game projects was also spread out, but it was ended up like fake rumors.
Canceled Game Superman Open World 2016
You might know about that in 2016 a superman game footage was released, which looked like it was the sequel version 2006 edition of the game. Fans were much curious about the superman game one year before the release of Batman Arkham Knight, but it never happened.
Superman world’s Finest 2018
Superman games have always been in the rumors but in 2018 Rocksteady denied all the rumors and confirmed that they are not working on any Superman game via Twitter. The rumor was so huge that gamers even found the name of the game. All the rumors that spread out were totally the lie, and the name Superman world’s Finest was also just a rumor and not a real thing. Some rumors were that the game Superman world’s Finest would be multiple times better than Batman Arkham Knight, and the villains will be Brainiac as the main villain in the game.
DC Universe Video Games 2020

A new rumor of the year 2020 has come about Superman. After the Batman project, it is speculated that now the company will work on the DC universe heroes just like the movies. From all these, it is also leaked that Superman will be part of the game. Rumors are that Rocksteady is developing the new game Superman and it will be available in Xbox series X exclusive.
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