Every Thing You Should know About Online donations

Temple Online Donation

These days earning blessings have become easier, with the help of online donations. They are accepted worldwide. Different-different holy trusts accept online donations. Trusts like ISKCON Delhi and many more accept an online donation from members of ISKCON and members who are willing to do charity for good deeds.

Services Running Under ISKCON Delhi With the Help of Donations:

Isckon has many services running under them for the welfare of the world. To run those services they need funding. Due to the pandemic, providing donations personally wasn’t possible for the devotees of Lord Krishna. Therefore, online donation came into the role.

Temple online donation helps ISKCON, in many ways to provide different-different services to the needy beings of society. They provide meals to needy people, education to children especially girl child, is involved in religious teachings not only that ISKCON is into animal welfare too especially cow seva. Having said that, these online donations provided by devotes of Lord Krishna help ISKCON in many more spiritual acts. Funding for good deeds has become easy for devotees of Lord Krishna as ISKCON provides a holy platform for the people where they can donate any amount which suits their pocket through an online donation.

Members of ISKCON Delhi, who use to visit the ISKCON temple almost once a week, or once a month weren’t able to visit the temple due to the pandemic which was spread worldwide. But with the help of online donations, the members could easily donate funds online. During the pandemic also devotees of Lord Krishna didn’t stop doing the good deeds.

Isckon temple, an initiative of online donations has been available for a very long time. Foreigners who visit Delhi or devotees of Lord Krishna who visit their get attached to the bhakti of Lord Krishna. That attachment results in good deeds, because of these online donations not only people are becoming a part of these holy and spiritual deeds but they are also spreading a message across the globe that everyone should donate and help others.  

Lord Krishna once said, “there is no other work which is as important as charity.” Because charity always helps the philanthropist, then the person who receives the charity. In simple words, the giver is benefited more than the receiver. Therefore, ISKCON has provided a spiritual platform where one can online donate some money and help the needy, having said that the person who is helping the needy is not only helping him but he is cleaning his bad karma too.  


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