Everything Students Should Know About Essay Outline

Essay Outline


It is impossible to write an essay without outlining it perfectly before writing. Even if you try to do it, then it is guaranteed that you are going to get low grades. Those who are willing to craft a high-quality paper that is worth good grades will make sure to create an informative essay outline before writing to organize the researched data.

So before diving deeper into the essay outlining process, let us get a quick understanding of what an essay outline is all about and what are the important components that need to be considered when creating an outline.

What is an Essay Outline?

As the name suggests, an essay outline is a small and precise plan of the research paper that includes the format that needs to be followed while writing your essay. The basic idea is to write down the main points and structure them in two paragraphs to make sure nothing is missed. It can be really challenging to write an essay without lining it because it is an essential part of the writing process.

Still not sure why you need an essay outline?

  • To organize your thoughts and research data
  • To understand the information and the flow of the structure
  • To avoid missing out on anything while writing the essay
  • To write a better essay much faster

How to Write an Essay Outline?

Students and colleges, and universities are to write essays of various types. However, the good thing is that all of them have a common structure that includes the introduction, body, and conclusion parts.

Now let us get a better understanding of this component so that you can include them while writing your essay outline.

  • Introduction – This is where you give a quick glance at the topic of the essay. You will have to mention the thesis statement and outline it with a supporting paragraph that gives a basic understanding of what is going to be explained in the essay.
  • Body paragraphs – The body section usually consists of three paragraphs that explain the entire topic with extensive data and information. While writing an essay outline, you have to make sure to include these three paragraphs. When talking about each paragraph, write down a topic sentence for the arguments that will be included with the supporting data, examples, facts, and evidence,
  • Conclusion – This part is the ending part of your essay, where you have to restate what was discussed in the body and summarise it to make the readers understand the goal of your paper.

Things to Consider When Writing an Essay Outline –

Most students use the linear style of writing when formatting essay outlines. This means the arguments should be written as per the importance with the most important concept to retain on top.

Remember the fact that you can add new arguments and information to your essay after composing the essay outline, as it is just a basic structure of how to format your paper. Creating an outline will help you make your content we usually clear with a precise understanding of what needs to be included and where.

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