Everything to know about Göğüsestetiği

It is true that one of the most frequent cosmetic operations among women is Göğüs estetiği. However, more and more we see patients who come to clinics demanding the opposite. On one occasion we already talked about the benefits of breast reduction. And it is that breast reduction has many advantages, more than we imagine.

According to some recent studies, Meme estetiği is a surgery that has one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry. In fact, surgeons call it “happy surgery.” Nowadays, many women dream only of the reduction of a bust due to everything that we are going to tell you next.

Breast Reduction: Why Is Breast Reduction Operation Called Happy Surgery?

Those patients who undergo the operation to reduce bust gain in self-esteem, both physically and emotionally, since, in most cases, they go to specialists because they feel insecure with themselves.

The main benefits of reduction mammoplasty are to get rid of skin irritation and constant neck and back pain. It will also improve the ability to do physical exercise. Another advantage of Meme onarımı that exists, after the breast reduction intervention, is that the difficulties in terms of lymphatic circulation will disappear. How to reduce breasts and choose the best time to do it? Keep reading.

With Göğüs büyütme surgery, the patient achieves the desired size and shape, since excess fat, mammary gland, and skin are removed from the breast, relieving weight and improving its aesthetics.

The volume and shape of the breasts are genetically determined and it can be considered that their development ends around the age of 17-18, approximately. In the case that the patient is a woman, throughout her life there are variations, increase in volume in the premenstrual period, pregnancy, and lactation, they are also subjected to changes resulting from weight gain, weight loss, and postpartum atrophy.

For men, the Meme büyütme operation is performed only with sedation. Due to advances in anesthetic techniques, more and more cosmetic procedures can be performed without exposing yourself to the side effects of anesthesia.

Due to the greater anesthetic efficiency, instead of anesthesia, it will only be necessary to use a mild form of sedation or intravenous sedation. Sedation makes your surgery safer. After a couple of hours after the intervention, you will be perfectly fine and will not suffer the side effects of traditional anesthesia.

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