Everything to Know About Reserve Maps and Its Hidden Bunker in Escape from Tarkov

The popular first-person shooter game of Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov is quite popular amongst the gamers. Even though it is more than three years old, it persists in acquiring new gamers every day. Major credit for this success must go to its developer, Battlestate Games, because they keep on adding new events, updates, and aspects to the game since it was released. Recently, they have included a new update to the game, and it is considered quite special by the gamers because it has brought various changes in the Reserve map. The changes include new tunnels and ways to the hidden bunkers. Read the below-written article thoroughly, if you are keen to know about changes in Reserve Maps alongside Hidden Bunkers in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Find Hidden Bunker and its Quests?

First, those who are not familiar with the reserve maps; these are the maps that help the gamers to navigate in the world of Escape from Tarkov. The map’s changes have excited the gamers a lot because now several new roads, tunnels, and new places have been added to the game. The gamers who haven’t accessed the Reserve map need to know that it consists of a proper army base in which there are several entrances linked to underground bunkers. Thus, after this update, there are various new ways included to enter or exit the bunkers as well as tunnels. The tunnels are quite shady, mainly due to the absence of light over there.

Although it is often suggested to not visit any such area, whether it is in the real or virtual world; however, the witty nature of developers forced gamers to enter these shady places. The gamers have to visit the tunnel to pick up the two missions of Vendor Proper. However, there is the eligibility of acquiring a minimum level of 10 in the game. Those gamers who have achieved the 10th level in Escape from Tarkov can easily visit these tunnels, and soon in no time, the first mission will be started.

The first mission requires gamers to navigate the entrance of the bunker. Afterward, gamers have to find and visit the control room. When gamers finally manage to reach the control room, then they are ready to accomplish the raid. The second quest requires the gamers to visit the bunker and find some Blast doors. There will be more than four doors, and two of them lead to the base of the building. While the other two heads to the academy and the hospital, the real quest here is for gamers to find the door leading to the hospital. If they opened the incorrect door, then it would blow up. There is one gimmick that gamers could use to find the correct door, and it is to hear the sound coming throughout the door.

Gamers have to open the door through which they hear the hospital’s surrounding sound. Once gamers have accomplished both the quest, then they will be given 6,000 XP, 23,000 roubles, and AK-74 assault rifles as a reward.


This article contains information about Escape from Tarkov. In this article, we have mainly focused upon the changes that have been done in its Reserve maps aspect. The article has also briefed about hidden bunkers in Escape from Tarkov alongside ways to complete two quests linked to it. We hope that gamers who have visited this article will find it useful and successfully accomplish their purpose.

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Source: Everything to Know About Reserve Maps and Its Hidden Bunker in Escape from Tarkov

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