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The Airport Authority of India is known for having great employment opportunities. The job profiles under the airport authority of India are not just reputed but also high paying. Out of the many opportunities under the airport authority of India profiles in this industry, the two most famous and highest-paying are that of Airport Manager and Air Traffic Controller. 

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We shall discuss these two job profiles in detail in this article. From the job description to the eligibility required for the positions, we shall put light on the details.

Airport Manager

The security of an airport is of utmost importance. A lot can go wrong if the security is not taken utmost care of. Hence, an airport manager is responsible for safeguarding the airport as well as managing smooth functioning. The airport managers guide the staff and security. They also coordinate with the overall management of the airport. 

The Qualifications Required

For the profile of an Airport Manager, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, business administration, or aviation management. The minimum score of the bachelor’s degree is 60%. If you do not have a graduation degree in any of the following fields, then you can also pursue Post Graduation in either Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science. The minimum requirement for a postgraduate degree is also 60% marks. 

Skills Required

  • Diplomatic Abilities
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Organizational Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Patience to work for longer hours as well as irregular hours

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Controllers play a huge role in the success of the aviation industry. Without safe air travel, the airport authority cannot function at all. Therefore, air traffic controllers are one of the most important professionals working at the airport authority. 

However, before you decide about starting your career as an air traffic controller, you should name that it is a great responsibility. Lives of a lot of people depend on the job of an air traffic controller. An orderly flow of air traffic should be maintained, no mid-air collisions or any grievous events must occur. Since it is an important profile, candidates selected for the role of Air Traffic Control also undergo training. There are Civil Aviation Training Colleges all across the country. Regional Training Centers are also present in all metros. 

The Career Ladder

A fresher starts as a Junior Executive Trainee in the Air Traffic Control Department. After gaining three years of experience in the job, employees can in fact be promoted as Assistant Manager of Air Traffic Control. There are a lot of perks as well as station allowances provided to employees working at Air Traffic Control. The air traffic has been increasing tremendously over the years, ever since tourism has increased. But the employees working under Air Traffic Control are less in number in comparison to the requirement for the same. 

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Lastly, you need to keep in mind that no job in the airport authority is easy. Since airports work all day and all night long, the responsibilities of the employees are also never-ending. The salary paid by the airport authority is high for most of the profiles because of the hard work these profiles require. But the authority also makes sure that the hard work is paid off fully. As an employee of the airport authority, you will get a lot of extra benefits and perks. So if you are hard-working, flexible to changes, and have the passion to work consistently, you can find vacancies very frequently under the airport authority of India jobs.

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