Everything to Know about The Inn and Their Work in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

In Harry Potter’s Wizarding Universe, every witches and wizard need to know the spell and how to use them. In the game, every player has to have the energy to cast some spells. These energy levels can increase in places called Inns. These places in the game are constructed so that players can come and re-energize their avatar in the game by drinking and eating a lot of tasty things.

Harry Potter

Introduction to Inn:

It is much more like a Pokemon GO’s Pokestops. These are the location on the game’s map represented as small buildings, a player can enter in those just by clicking on those building symbols. Once you get inside, a player can receive energy to spell (the very basic resource players require to cast any spell). The representation of the small building belongs to the location in the real-world (these buildings can belong to statues, small businesses, parks, or any artwork station.

All the Inns are not the same. Each of the Inns offers a different level of Spell Energy. According to the level of energy-providing capacity representation of the Inns changes (Like brown inns, Purple buildings, Pink house, the Fortress, and the Greenhouse).

What happens once a player gets inside of an Inn:

When a player gets in the Inn, they have to trace a Glyph on the gaming screen to activate the Inn. After that, it will spin and randomly awards player a meal. After finishing that meal player is awarded the Spell Energy. A player has a limit to hold the Energy. Once a player is full, he/she can not get any more from that Inn. The player has the option to increase that limit by Paying. If any player is playing in a heavily trafficked area, he/she can notice that there are a lot of inns to keep them fully charged.

Color Coding of Inns and Rewards:

There are many kinds of Inns in the game. Colors and shapes can make it easy to differentiate them. Different kind of Inns offers different types of meals. These different meals offer a different level of Energy. Some of them are mentioned below:

Formate: Meal: Energy Level received: Inn Colour

  • Tomato Soup: 1: Purple and Brown
  • Tea Sets, pumpkin Juice, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans: 2: Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue.
  • Pudding of Violet Colour: 3: Pink.
  • Bangers and Mash: 5: Purple
  • Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bar, Fish, and Chips: 6: Green, Brown, Blue.
  • Butterbeer: 7: Blue, Purple
  • Turkey Dinner: 10: Green

A number of sleuths hound online, and Data miners had found just a little amount of meals that are coming in the game. So there are many speculations that there will be a lot more information will in the future.

Dark Detectors

This is like the Lure Function of Pokemon GO. By this function, the player can be activated in the Inn, which will be active only for half an hour. This function is able to attract the Foundables to the location. This allows players to the full their Registry faster, to find Foundables, and earn XP.

Every player is able to set only three Dark Detectors each Inn. More the Detectors more will be Foundables, will be shown in that area.

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