Everything You Need to Know About a Cat Litter

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When deciding on a kitty litter for your animal companion, you must consider many characteristics before buying it, such as its size, type, and number of litter boxes you may need. That being said, there are some tips you can use when you choose the best cat litter for your kitten. Since it is advisable to have an uncovered litter box, it is also a good idea to purchase a litter mat or bedding to place outside the litter box to minimize the spread of sand around the house.

Where Should You Place the Cat Litter?

First, look through your house to see where the cat litter will fit best. Cats usually want quiet and private places when they need to “go to the bathroom”. Avoid crowded areas of the house and places where your cat could be trapped or unable to escape. Also, there is no room for food and water near your cat’s litter box. Instead, place the litter where the cat can easily see it, far away from other litter. If you put them next to each other, the cat will see them as one giant litter box.

It is best to place litter boxes in a house with many cats in separate locations. If you didn’t know, some shy cats have problems going o their litter if other cats are around. Also, if your cat does not use her litter box, you can place another one in a new one, so she starts using it again. You can put kitty litter on each floor if you live in a multi-level house. If you have an older cat, place a litter box where she is used to it, as it may be challenging for her to climb the stairs.

How Big Should the Kitty Litter Be?

When choosing a litter for your cat, you should opt for a bigger one because so many are too small. When you buy kitty litter, consider that your cat needs her space to turn around, not only to be able to enter it to have its needs done. Some people don’t bother with these details, and the litter has edges too big; they cut them, but try to buy the right fit for your cat because there are many models you can choose from.

What Type of Bedding Should You Use?

When you choose bedding for your cat think about your cat and the best conditions for her but also to be easier for you to clean it. Did you know that there are litters which odor can trigger asthma not only in cats, but also in humans? And not only that, but also the smell of cedar or pine canbotherasthmatic people and cats. Each cat, just like humans, is different. There are cats that don’t even stand any type of odor. There many that prefer to feel like they are in the wild, they love to feel the sand between their paws.

The kitty litter, your cat, uses must be cleaned pretty often, even though some say that between 1 and 4 weeks is when you have to do it. If there is waste and it smells unpleasant, can you wait for that long to clean it? The cat’s litter needs to maintain clean daily for apparent reasons. You don’t need particular solutions to clean it; you only need detergent and warm water. Maybe you don’t know this, but training a cat to use the litter is very easy.

Teaching a Cat to Use the Litter Box

Usually, kittens learn how to use the cat litter by observing their mother at around four weeks. However, if the cat you want to bring home was taken from the street, from an animal shelter, or was left without a mother, it may need a little encouragement to adjust to a litter box. Therefore, before you bring a cat home, ensure you have all the things a cat needs, mainly to avoid accidents and help the kitty develop good toilet habits.

But for a kitten, it is advisable to start with a smaller kitty litter, although large enough for the cat to turn around and curl up in, so it can comfortably bury its ‘business”. The litter box should be one and a half times the length of the cat. The tray should have low sides so that the cat can easily climb into it without jumping over the sides, and it should be uncovered and made of a non-absorbent material. Once your cat grows, you can opt for a larger litter box with higher sides or a cover.

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Always Buy the Litter that Your Cat Prefers

If you have many cats, consider cat litter for each one of your cats. Some of them don’t like to share, and to be honest; it will be best to have their litter because, as you heard, some cats are shy. Yes, this is a real thing. Plus that, you have various types of litter suit any need, from cheap to high-quality. However, it is best to buy unscented models of litter for young kitties. Then, you can opt for another type once they grow older. If your cat is about three months or less, it might eat from the litter, and you don’t want that to happen.

Kittens are many like human babies and get to know the world similarly. They learn everything by touching and tasting, including kitty litter, so consider all these aspects when you create the perfect environment for them. Every time you buy something, think about the fact they could ingest it. That is why dust-free litters are a must-have for litters because dust is inhaled for a long time and causes respiratory problems. You can opt for more natural options for cat litter made from pine, corn, or paper. You can let other types of litter for later.

Remove Temptations that May Be Disorienting for Cats

If you have plants on the floor, consider relocating them. Some of them may be toxic to cats. Also, depending on where you got your cat, it can defecate in different places because your cat might not know what the litter is. So your plants will look like a perfect place for your cat to have their need done. You don’t have to throw your plants forever; you can move them for a small period until your cat learns how to use the kitty litter.

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