Everything You Need To Know About Black Diamond Rings

Sparkling and stunning, diamonds never go out of style. In fact, they are one of the best minerals on the planet and the most beautiful stone. Gone are the days when couples preferred only white diamonds for their engagement ring. Today, there are several shades in diamonds and each has its own unique character. One such color that’s trending in recent years is the Black diamond.

Historically, black diamond rings weren’t a popular option. However, it wasn’t until the late 20th century that jewelers in Albuquerque started using them to challenge the norms. With its daring, powerful look, black diamonds have begun to get the attention they truly deserve recently. If you are looking for something unique for your significant other, black diamonds are an excellent choice.

Is a black diamond a real stone?

Yes! Black diamonds are real like other diamonds. In fact, there are different types of black diamonds, including natural blacks, lab-created black stones, and treated black colored diamonds. Let’s take a closer look at these three types so that you could make informed decisions before heading to the jewelry stores in Albuquerque.


Black color diamonds form naturally, and they are fairly rare. Black is considered a fancy diamond as it’s a rare and unique choice for couples who want a fashionable, deco engagement ring. Do you know natural black diamonds are a form of normal, colorless diamonds that has huge carbon inclusions? Yes, they are white diamonds that have lots of birthmarks, looking like clusters of black dots and webs. These are called salt and pepper diamonds.


Natural black diamonds are not whole black and they look like salt and pepper. So, in order to make them complete black, natural black diamonds are treated. In fact, most of the black gems which Albuquerque diamond jewelers sell are treated in some way.


Black diamonds are made in labs by scientists as well. However, there’s no major difference found between natural and lab-made diamonds.

How much is a black diamond engagement ring?

It really depends on the type of black diamond you choose. Since black is considered a fancy colored diamond, they come under the most expensive category. Natural black diamond is more expensive than the treated ones. That said, whether it is natural, treated, or lab-made, black diamonds are worth investing in.

Unlike other stones, black diamonds will retain its beauty for years. Undoubtedly, black diamonds are rare and the best alternative for fine jewelry.

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