Everything you need to know about Competency Demonstration Report

Moving to Australia is the dream of many individuals, especially Engineers. Many individuals aspire to work as an Engineer in Australia. But to fulfill that dream, you need to go through a rigorous process that includes the submission of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). It is one of the most vital documents you need for the migration that perfectly display your skills and knowledge as an engineer. Believe it or not but a well-written CDR Help could be your pathway to Australia. So, make sure you make it as good as possible.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that it must contain the information listed by Engineers Australia. In case of confusion, you can also take the help of professionals, who have experience in writing report. CDR report writing is not easy since you need to keep so many factors in mind and you must write it with utmost precision.

The report you submit will get assessed against the ANZSCO society as well as graduate competency standards. Here we are listing some vital points that you must keep in mind for a successful CDR and quick acceptance.

Start with personal information

Since this is the opening part of your CDR, you must write it carefully. Your personal information must contain details like passport size photo with size 35mm*45mm, prime identification ID, curriculum vitae, name change document if applicable like a marriage certificate.

Fill in the application 

In this phase, you must carefully choose the engineering occupation you want to be assessed for. Next is the registration process where you need to upload the required documents.

Submit your educational document  

In educational assessment, you would be required to submit your educational certificates like your college transcripts, certificates, etc. You must mention all the qualifications relevant to your engineering field.

Mention employment details 

For working engineers, you must mention your employment detail a lot carefully. You might also need to submit the reference letter from your last employer. Those applicants who are looking for relevant skilled assessments need to submit their primary and secondary document proof.


This is the most vital part of your report writing and must follow the guidelines and requirements set by Engineers Australia. Be it your Continuing professional development (CPD) writing, three career episodes, or summary statement writing, you must complete all these sections with utmost care and precision. Another important thing that you must remember is that make sure all the information in your CDR report writing is original and is plagiarism-free.

Submit the form 

Once you are done preparing all the documents, we advise you to revise it to avoid any mistakes. When you are sure all the details and documents are correct, submit it to get it assessed by Engineers Australia.

In case of doubts or confusion, you can also take the help of professional CDR help or CDR writing services. Taking the help of professionals will not only help you save time but will also prevent your CDR from rejection! So keep all these details in mind and write your CDR with perfection.

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