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electronic signature

electronic signature

Over the ages, individuals have utilized different procedures to complete transactions. In ancient times, it was common to depend on observer checks or seals that kept documents firmly closed until they were delivered. By the middle ages, individuals frequently used marks over symbols to check they had personally authorized documents. Eventually, it became standard to authorize records by spelling out a person’s name. The design of a signing machine, also called an autopen, simplified the process for people who had lots of documents to sign.


Fast forward to modern times, numerous organizations have switched from printed duplicates of documents to electronic variants, frequently put away in the cloud. As reports have become digitized, so have a signature. In today’s world, contracts or agreements can be signed without putting pen to paper.


What is eSignature?


An electronic signature permits an individual to give consent or show they approve of the contents of a document. An electronic signature is also known, as an eSignature, an electronic signature can be lawfully binding for various uses. E-signature can take several forms the person’s name typed out, an uploaded image of the individual’s cursive signature, or a signature drawn on the screen of a cellphone or tablet.


How do eSignatures work?


digital signature confirms, tracks, and store signature and are signer data at each phase of the agreement lifecycle. Just like a handwritten signature, eSignature is different for each signer. People may also appreciate brief directions if they use an electronic signature for the first time.

It is a good idea to try an eSiganture solution to ensure it is the right choice for you. You should also ensure the software you choose is compliant with local and industry eSignature standards.


Read on to learn more about the use and benefits of eSignature.


Benefits of an electronic signature


As businesses keep continue to move towards digital change and automation, eSignature is turning into a business necessity and a genuine replacement for a wet signature. The following are a couple of the advantages of eSiganutre.


  1. Going paperless:

Reduce paper use, electronic signing reduces the amount of paper required and can assist associations on their journey to go paperless.


  1. Increased flexibility:

You can sign in from any place, making it simpler to conduct business from a remote location or on the go.


  1. Reduced costs:

E-Signature can assist organizations to save money. Theyassist to speed up workflows to save time and increase productivity and reduce. The expense of printing, postage, and filing storage costs.


  1. Reduced errors and risks –

Advanced security and digital verification methods reduce risks and forms can be pre-filled, which avoids human error and electronic signature also furnishes an audit trail which is helpful to ensure consistency.


  1. Improved efficiency and effectiveness –

The endorsement work process is atomized empowering document owners to see who has signed and when, and a stream lined process increases employee efficiency. Electronic signature programming often has a dash board device that permits you to effectively follow which records are awaiting a signature, speeding up processes that might have previously taken weeks. The software also stores signed documents, information, and data, making them easier to locate.


Is electronic signature lawful?

In a word, yes. Electronic signature provide as much, if not more, lawful legitimacy as the traditional signature. Britain, Northern, Ireland and Wales have recognized electronic signatures with the Electronic Signature Regulation 2002 and the Electronic Communications Act 2000.


Ireland has legally recognized electronic signature since 2000 with the Electronic Commerce Act. The eIDAS (electronic identification, Authentication, and trust Services) regulation is an EU law that supervises electronic ID, including electronic signature, and electronic signature software like WeSign eSignature is consistent with eIDAS.



Electronic signature have replaced handwritten signature, and they do not need a person’s actual presence to sign the document and agreements. Legally valid signature has revolutionized documentation processesin present circumstances. You can follow all processes like pending files andsignature in real-time without a requirement for your presence in the office.

So, eSignature is the best way to eliminate extra expenses for your work.


WeSign is reliable software that enables users to create and manage electronic signature from a single platform. It includes adaptable documents and pre-planned templates for a consistent user experience.

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