Everything You Need to Know about Double Ply Belt

Specifically designed to be used for carrying handguns, a double ply belt is exceptionally ridged and exclusively sturdy to serve its purpose in the most useful manner. Though these belts are known to be strong, yet they are quite elegant to be worn in the form of dress belts. These belts are generally 1.5 inches wide and are exclusively designed to be rigid and sturdy. Their strong and firm design creates the perfect foundation required for carrying a heavy handgun. These belts are generally handcrafted using top quality leather and are available in sizes between 30 inches and 44 inches.

Exclusive Features of Double Ply Belts

Some of the most exclusive features of double ply belts include heavy-duty nylon threading, adjustment holes, removable buckles and nickel snaps. The belts made using nylon threads tend to last for a very long time. Dealers and manufacturers of double ply belts ensure that these belts are incorporated with adjustment holes that allow the users to make convenient adjustments to get the desired fitting. Despite the fact that the buckles included in these belts are of the highest quality, many users might wish to add their personal touch to these accessories. This is the reason why double ply belts are designed with metal snaps allowing the users to change their buckles anytime. You will find majority of these belts in the market featuring nickel-plated buckles and snaps that are not just appealing but even non-irritating and non-corrosive to the skin.

Features of a Fancy Stitch Belt

A handcrafted fancy stitch belt is built using extra, high quality saddle lather. It features removable buckle and suede lining. Majority of these belts available in the market exhibit natural blemishes and therefore they have their very own distinctive appearance. You will find them in tan lined or black leather. The tan belts come with golden-tone buckles while the black ones feature buckles made of nickel. There are many companies that have been dealing in superior quality leather belts for a long time. The fancy stitch belts available in ¾ inches are perfectly patterned and are ideal compliments for slacks, jeans, skirts, breeches and more. If you are looking to get the right fit then make the choice of +2 waist size.

Choosing an Elephant Skin Belt

When making the choice of an elephant skin belt make sure that the belt is handcrafted using top quality elephant skin. It is also important for you to ensure that the belt you are choosing is made to order and is crafted by craftsmen having several years of good experience in the field. Going for tanned belts in this category will be a great idea as they bring out a deep black appearance to the elephant skin. Whatever might be your requirement, one thing that you must always have in mind is the belt that you are choosing should offer you maximum comfort.

Be it a fancy stitch belt, elephant skin belt or double ply belt you are going for, getting these accessories from well known and sincere dealers will help you in availing the best item.

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