Everything You Need To Know About Golden Visa Program From Dubai

Have you ever fantasised about moving abroad and settling in a different nation to discover a new culture, another way of life, or possibly better opportunities? Why don’t you give those dreams more thought? They might be real, after all. With the European Golden Visa from Dubai, you can make all your dreams come true. 

We’ll get in-depth information about Golden visas in this article. 

What is the UAE’s Golden visa?

The “Golden Visa” of the UAE is a long-term resident visa that allows talented foreigners to dwell, work, or study there while also enjoying a number of special perks, such as:

  • A long-term, renewable residence visa is valid for ten years, as there is no requirement for an employer. A self-sponsored visa, as there is no requirement for an employment sponsor.
  • If the principal bearer of the Golden visa passes away, the sponsor may sponsor an unlimited number of domestic assistants, 
  • Allowing family members to remain in the UAE until the end of their visa period.

Who is the Golden visa for?

The Golden visa is for:


If they meet one of the following requirements, real estate investors can apply for a Golden visa in the EU:

  • purchase a house using a loan from one or more approved local banks 
  • or purchase one or more off-plan properties from those banks for a minimum of AED two million.


If an entrepreneur satisfies one of the following requirements, they may be granted a Golden visa:

  • Own or are a partner in a startup that is registered as a small and medium-sized business (SMEs).
  • Get the Ministry of Economy, an official business incubator, or other appropriate local authorities to approve your startup proposal.

Exceptional talents

  • No of their degree of schooling, employment status, monthly wage, level of expertise, or extraordinary talents in critical disciplines including culture, art, sports, and digital technology are eligible for a Golden visa. A federal or local government agency must recommend or approve the visa.


Professionals and highly talented employees in all fields—including health, science, engineering, information technology, business and administration, education, law, culture, and social sciences—who have advanced degrees and professional experience are eligible for the Golden visa whether by possessing a legitimate work contract or investing in a business. 

In The End

It is crystal clear that the Golden Visa program from Dubai benefits investors, professionals and entrepreneurs. So, if you’re looking for citizenship outside your country, connect with the best consultants for complete documentation processing and handling. 


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