Everything You Need to Know About Google Stadia

Unlike PlayStation and Xbox, Google Stadia is a newly launched gaming platform. It works on Cloud service on a large scale. Those gamers who brought the controller bundle, now it is free in April 2020. It is really a great move from Google Stadia because everyone knows the world’s lockdown is still going on, and it is the best time to give something to games they don’t have. Those people who play games are spending most of the time in this, and Google Stadia is offering them the chance to explore this new platform at no cost.

To use the Google Stadia, firstly, you will require the Google Account because it will connect to your Gmail account. Then you need to sign up with the Pro Pass or Buddy or the Stadia controller bundle. Agree with the following terms and move ahead.

Now you need to choose the Avatar from several interesting avatars. All those offered avatars are unique and generous. There is no hero avatar, but all of those have different designs and identities. Once you choose the Avatar, mention your name. You can put numbers also in the name section, which will be 15 characters long.

Set up the privacy from settings. Set everything about your account in the privacy section. You can also choose to get the latest updates on gaming if you want. You will be offered to try out the trial of Stadio Pro that you can decline if you don’t want to try. The great thing about this trial is that you don’t have to play the trial if you don’t want to. Most of the games lock you to play the trial version, but with Google Stadia, you are completely free. However, if you want to play the trial, add your payment option to enter the Stadio Pro.

Once you begin the Stadio Pro trial, you will unlock several new games, and some will be offered for free. You can check out every game that is available. You can also play games on PC with the help of the Chrome browser. For an Android device user, some advantages also exist, in which some modern games are available, but that will be running after the Android 6.1 version.

Well, it’s a cloud service, so you can also play it on your chrome browser anytime and attach any controller via. Bluetooth. For canceling the trial of Stadio Pro, you need to open the account on Chrome and move to the “Setting” and move to the “Purchase & Subscription” section. You can also manage the graphics and display resolution to play games. Google Stadia is full of amazing and interesting games. you can choose any game you want in any browser or also Google Stadia.

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