Everything You Need to Know About Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a transcription that actually works, rather than those who merely boast about themselves and make new claims every day. You can see it having efficient processing, a vast number of languages support, and decent pricing, which makes it one of the best transcription services in the market. However, it lacks a live transcription facility, but it provides improved accuracy, multiple speaker identification, and an automatic punctuation facility.

Happy Scribe originated in Dublin a few years ago when individuals from France, Ireland, Spain, and the US joined hands for the project. Since its development, the service has impressed people from all the fields and has achieved a good reputation among the people who usually rely on services that process audio into text. It has hugely impressed researchers, journalists, as well as podcasters. This service is budget-friendly and has received a lot of praise for its work efficiency.

Plans and Pricing

The plans and pricing of the Happy Scribe depend on the length of the recording, which you will do. The cost of the transcription service is straightforward and has a €12 per hour rate, but if you want to use the service for a longer duration like up to 25 hours or so, you can get a decent discount. Even though the pricing is in hours, your amount will get calculated according to the minutes for which you have used the service. It will save you from penalties. When you are left with only the last 30 minutes from the total time for which you have paid, the system will automatically recharge your account with the balance for which you have already permitted it.

Even if you have recharged the service and you rarely use it, the credited amount will not expire. It will remain there in your account, and you can use it anytime you want. Also, you need to pay only for the time for which you will use the service. There are no hidden charges for the service. You can get a quote of the tailored price if you wish to use the Application Program Interface. Also, if you are a student, you can register your student ID to get a 25% discount on the service.

Interface and Overall Design

If you are familiar with the transcription services, you will find it similar to the other services. You will see it has the same process by which you upload the audio files in other transcription services, and once the process gets completed, it’s a way of informing too. The time between the upload and completion in the Happy Scribe is significantly short, which is quite impressive. It is a quick service, and the processing takes hardly around half the total length of time of the audio that is to be processed. While in the other transcription services, you have to pay extra cost for other services like time recording, multiple speakers, automatic punctuation, and much more. Here in Happy Scribe, all the additional services come pre-included with the main service.

As soon as the audio gets processed, you can review it with the help of the transcript editor. The transcript editor will tell you the errors by highlighting those parts that might be dubious. You can fix them and then download the text in your desired file format along with its separate file of subtitles.

Audio Recordings & Transcription

Happy Scribe is one of the best solutions that has ever come into the market. Its most prominent feature is that it highlights those words of which the system is not 100% confident. The other services usually cannot highlight the wrong words, but Happy Scribe can do it very efficiently with accuracy. This facility makes it easy for the viewers to check for errors and corrections as the wrong words automatically get highlighted if the service is not sure of them. When the document has been checked and corrected, you can extract it in your desired file format.

If you opt for the beta version of the service, you will also get a feature where the service can take a transcript, and then it can easily convert it into any other language. The beta version of this service currently supports over ten languages only, but it will help a lot to the users who want subtitles in another language.

Accuracy & Efficiency

Happy Scribe gives you a perfect accuracy compared to the other transcription services available out there. It covers all the words very well even if the audio quality is not up to the mark. If you want an affordable and fast service that is really effective, then do make sure to check Happy Scribe.

Security & Protection

This service is GDPR compliant, and it does have end-to-end encryption, as the data communicated between the service and the customer is fully encrypted using a field-standard TLS 1.2. They also have a network-level security and protection scheme along with a prominent DDoS model of protection. However, you will currently find a lack of two-factor authentication in it as it only requires a password to use an account. Still, we are sure that the two-factor authentication will get added to the service very soon.


Happy Scribe has received widespread praise for its service as it supports audio conversion to text form of over 119 different languages and provides high accuracy. It also highlights the text, which is not correct, or if it is not sure to the system that the text is correct or not. It provides impressive results, and if you are among those who use a transcription service, then you should definitely try Happy Scribe.

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Source:- Everything You Need to Know About Happy Scribe

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