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In the fast-paced world of the twenty-first century, there are numerous outlets available at the tip of your fingers. However, one needs to be mindful of the various news outlets as not all of them are authentic. If not monitored properly, they can be a huge source of misunderstanding.

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First Military-grade Smartphone Announced by Corning at INR 5,499

According to Corning Incorporated, Lava will be the first-ever device manufacturer in the country to sell a military-grade phone at Rs. 5499. The phone features Gorilla Glass 3 and is slated to release on January 22. Another line up sponsored by Lava also includes the Z1 smartphone, along with Z2, Z4, and Z6 smartphones. All of them contain the Gorilla Glass 3 feature, which was initially launched in 2013. They are high-resistance glass. The feature provides extra protection to the screen and is one of the highest-selling features of Corning Incorporated. They are scratch-resistant.

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The Biggest Scholarship Hunt is Organised by Mindler

Mindler is a popular and award-winning career guidance and mapping platform. They are used by career coaches and students alike. The platform aims to discuss their career options with the students and how their decisions are suitable for the next step. Mindler is backed up by some of the world’s largest research centres. Some of the disciplines they consider are psychology, psychometrics, and progressive learning to promote assessments and inquiries. The one thing that sets Mindler apart is its capacity to help students and academicians with the decision making process. They help the students a lot with their ability to let the students find their dream career. Recently, Mindler has launched 2021’s Biggest Scholarship Hunt. The company is offering over 3000+ scholarships to high school students. The company aims to help students with their decision-making journey to land fulfilling jobs in the future.

Pakistani Minority Rights Activists attacked in South Korea

Rahat John Austin, a Pakistani minority activist, and lawyer was attacked in South Korea and is currently seeking medical treatment. Rahat was forced to flee Pakistan and has been living in South Korea with his family. Back home, he is known for standing up against the injustices experienced by the minorities. Rahat identified his attacker as someone from the Middle East, saying that the man was possibly an Islamist jihadist as he said “Allahu Akbar” while attacking him. He says that he is still going to fight for the rights and be a voice of the minorities, no matter what.

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