Everything You Need to Know About NYC Female Escorts and VIP Escorts

Nyc female escorts

Sex and the presence of the VIP escorts are one of life’s oldest pleasures, and it’s no wonder there’s a massive business around it. Such a business as prostitution is considered one of the oldest professions in the world, basically because the instrument of work does not have to go through technological refinement: it is the body itself.

Although prostitution is legal in many countries, some practices don’t attract customers on the street, for example. Still, as in NYC, you can contact the NYC female escorts on different websites. Their job does not enjoy much social acceptance and too often is discredited. Of course, for the people who trade in their bodies than for the mafias behind them. The stigma they carry is part of the business and the type of product they offer. As a result of this stigmatization, the term “luxury (or high quality) escorts or prostitutes” has become popular in recent times, enjoying a better reputation than traditional prostitutes. What exactly does this “label” change mean?

What Is an Escort?

The Manhattan area escorts or NYC female escorts, contrary to what many people think, offer services that do not have to include sexual relations. Most escorts are hired to attend events and business trips for their mere presence, their cultural conversations, and their presence. There can be various reasons for deciding to go to an escort.

Escorts are people who work as companions in exchange for economic gain. Many escorts are also university educated and have knowledge of languages (in fact, it is essential to know English to be an escort), so they are suitable for attending high-level social events.

What Are the VIP Escorts?

If you want to hire luxury NYC female escorts, the usual way is to go to a contact page, where you can find a variety of escorts and luxury whores for all tastes. Although traditional prostitutes can advertise their services on the internet or contact pages and travel to the client’s home, they offer their services in the street, on the road, and in “clubs.”

These are practices associated with the lower classes, and, although for centuries they posed no problem for the wealthier to resort to, the advent of human rights and the rejection of hidden forms of slavery meant that the stigma could be bi-directional: for prostitutes and for those who hire their services. With this in mind, the mechanism is set for protecting resourceful in creating the professions known for centuries. Being expensive and refined, VIP Escorts act as a retaining wall of stigma, causing it to reposition itself only on people who cannot afford the freedom to become luxury VIP escorts.

Characteristics of the Independent Escorts

Independent NYC female escorts are different than VIP escorts from New York that can be found in agencies. The independent escorts are the ones who work outside of luxury whore agencies, meaning they work on their own. Similarly, not working through an agency, these independent whores can brand their services, which may not necessarily be sexual, such as:

  • Erotic massages
  • Tantric massages
  • Accompaniment for events
  • Girlfriend treatment
  • Striptease.

Luxury or Independent Escorts, Which to Choose?

The main thing in deciding on an escort is the service you are looking for. Not all escorts perform the same services. So, to determine between a luxury or independent escort, you should evaluate what services you need, hygiene and sanitary measures, and discretion, among others. Let’s look at some of the most critical points.

Hygiene Measures

A super important aspect when deciding on a companion lady is hygiene. Most agencies perform frequent health checks on their escort girls and boys, besides always having condoms, in case of hiring sexual services.

However, other agencies do not specify hygiene and health measures for their escorts and premises, in case you go there. Therefore, it is advisable to investigate the hygiene and health of the place and its escorts before deciding.


Not all escorts offer the same services. If you are looking for something very particular, you might not easily find escorts with these services. If you want, for example, a relaxing massage, it is recommended to find out beforehand if the escort is professionally qualified for that.


Another point to consider for many people who go to a cheap or luxury escort is privacy. If this is the case for you, before hiring the services of an escort, make sure that the agency (or the escort itself, if independent) ensures discretion with its clients.

Whatever your reason for going to an escort, remember to be respectful to him or her. If you hire the sexual services of an escort, remember to use protection, both for yourself and the escort.


Where to Find NYC Female Escorts?

Although the planet is almost full, paradoxically, or maybe not, more and more people are alone. As the number of men is a little lower than the number of the fairer sex, they often have to use the services of an escort to spend some relaxing moments or to be with them at certain events in New York where they have to be present. If you find yourself in the State of Mind and are looking for NYC female escorts or VIP escorts, websites offering luxury ladies’ services can be of help.

The Stigma That Explains the Escort Profession

Technically speaking, between the work of a prostitute and that of an escort, there are no differences that are not to be found between two random sex workers. The difference between these two professions has to do with class. Of course, the NYC female escorts and the VIP escorts are way higher and offer more privacy and bonus features than the ordinary prostitutes.

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