Everything You Need To Know About Oversized Air Conditioners


There’s a common misconception within the HVAC world that the bigger is better. Well, it is indeed a myth that oversized air conditioners are a good investment. Oversized air conditioners can be a trouble maker in several aspects. Many inexperienced homeowners assume that the largest unit they can afford is the best choice for their property. But, this is not the case as it can create several issues. If you are one among them, speak to the air conditioning installation Sydney professional and consider replacing the unit with the right size.

In this article, we will be discussing why an oversized air conditioner is a bad idea and the problems associated with it:-

Why are oversized air conditioners common?

Although many problems are associated with oversized cooling units, they can still be found in many homes in Sydney. The problem is with working with inexperienced HVAC technicians. Yes, if you choose to work with the low-quality contractor, they might have not properly trained and experienced to properly size an air conditioner, or they try to sell the most expensive system they have. An experienced HVAC technician will advise on the right size of the air conditioner based on the size of your house. They will perform a load calculation on your house to determine the right unit that suits your house or office. In fact, an experienced HVAC technician will ensure the unit is not too small or big for your property.

What are the problems associated with oversized air conditioners?

Lead to unnecessary expenses

Generally, well-maintained air conditioners use most energy when turning on and shutting down and consume the least amount of energy while in the middle of a cooling cycle. But, this is not the case with oversized air conditioners. Since the cooling cycle of big cooling units is short, use up more energy for cooling cycles. This, in turn, leads to high cooling costs. Moreover, big sized air conditioners are expensive, and you’ll have to spend more money up-front, air conditioning service Sydney, operation, and other issues.

Humidity problems

When a standard AC unit cools your home or office, it tends to take enough time and provides proper airflow, controlling the humidity. But, when an oversized unit is installed, it cools quickly and limits the cycle. This can cause damp conditions due to high humidity, leading to mould formation and a musty smell.


Since an oversized air conditioner goes through more cooling cycles throughout the day to keep the room cooler, it will undergo a lot of stress that can eventually lead to frequent air conditioning repairs Sydney and breakdowns.

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