Everything You Need to Know About Rooftop Solar Systems

It is no longer a secret that environmental degradation is upon us and has made people conscious about the emission that comes out of non-renewable sources of energy. Whereas most people are currently troubled by the increase in the number of electricity bills and due to that, many have resolved to the renewable form of energy, i.e. the solar power.

rooftop solar

People who have shifted to solar rooftop are quite happy with the result, as they don’t have to pay the power companies an ample amount of money every quarter. At the same time, they also feel empowered as they have done something for saving the environment. Some other things that you should consider before installing a solar rooftop are as follows-

Do the initial calculations: Before making any decision make sure calculate your average electricity consumed. All you have to do is maintain a record of your electricity bills and the units you have consumed to date. The moment you are done with the initial requirements, you can quickly figure out the power of solar panel required. The very next thing you need to do is make sure your rooftop should be fairly lit and in pristine condition. It is not beneficial to initiate a rooftop solar installation if the roof requires rework or maintenance shortly after the solar panels are installed.

Look for the rooftop rights and documents required: You can only reap the benefits of the solar rooftop India if you have the required rooftop rights. For instance, if you want to install rooftop solar installation in a society, then you need permission from the RWA or the builder for the grant.

See which type suits your need: The two most dominant solar techniques are Photovoltaic and Thermal solar panels. While talking about photovoltaic ones- They use arrays of cells to convert sunlight into electricity whereas when it comes to the thermal one, it uses the sunlight to heat air or water for use. Based on the requirement, whether you need to generate electricity or need to heat water or air, you can choose either of the solar technologies.

Figure out the financing options and initial setup cost: When you install solar rooftop it might cost you a lot, but after the initial investment, the ROI you will get from the system will later balance out the money you put in. In the end, the cost depends on the power of the rooftop panel which you are planning to install. Higher the power of the panel, the higher the price. Buying your own system can cost more but will only prove beneficial in the long run.

Pick the right installer: Now that you are done with the primary research and know the essential requirement, all you are left with is finding the best solar rooftop company. One such company is MYSUN, from setting up till maintenance of the solar panels, they take care of everything.  Also, there is a compulsion when it comes to verifying documents of warranty and agreement.

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