Everything You Need to Know About Season 4 of ‘Anne with an E’

Anne with an e’ is a Canadian television series based on Lucy Montgomery’s novel ‘Anne of Green Gables.’  Three seasons have already been released on Netflix, last season aired in September 2019. The series is a combination of love and creativity, and an absolute delight to watch. Amy Beth McNulty was assigned to play the beautiful role of Anne after auditioning over 1800 girls.

The show dove into issues such as orientation, racism, and women’s liberation. The story is about an elder brother Matthew and sister Marilla who decide to adopt an orphan to help the farm of green gables. While he reaches the station to pick up the child, he meets a 13-year old Anne Shirley. He decides to take Anne home, but Marilla doesn’t go around liking her much because of her unknown identity and uselessness. Marilla loses her brooch and blames Anne for the same, and claims her to be a thief. Later, they take the girl back to the orphanage but haunted by her past experiences, Anne decides to return to the station. Later, Marilla finds her brooch again, and Matthew goes back and finds Anne to convince her and bring her back home. The further part of the season depicts how Anne faces bullying and discrimination from the community.

After the release of season 3, CBC and Netflix announced that the series won’t continue any further and have already canceled the set. As soon as the word got spread, the fans of the show put down thirteen million protest tweets against CBC and Netflix. A petition circled that received a sum of 600,000 votes. A campaign regarding the cancellation of the show on Twitter received a reason from CBC, the reason being unpopularity and lack of watchers. Not only this, but a Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and an English singer and songwriter Sam Smith also tweeted in support of the renewal of the show. As season 3 was left with questions unanswered and a lot of threads unmatched, fans expect the return of season 4 with the unsolved mystery.

Viewers also demanded for a trailer of season 4, but if the show has been canceled, the trailer won’t be out as well. What’s more, the show got basic recognition soon due to which it was unexpected for the fans when the arrangement got dropped. Watchers requested clarifications and they want the show to be renewed.

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