Everything You Need to Know About Spatial Audio in AirPods Pro

Do you want to upgrade the way you watch your favorite shows? Well, Apple is about to turn things upside down with the introduction of Spatial audio in its AirPods Pro. As announced by Apple, an update will come out for its AirPods that’ll consist of extraordinary features, including Spatial audio.

Everyone’s binge-watching their favorite shows, especially now, when you can’t risk hanging out and going to the movies. Spatial audio is likely to give you a ‘theatre-like-experience’ that’ll improve the sound of your TV shows and movies. Your device and the AirPods will use sensors to function, and it’s quite an exciting feature that’ll be introduced along with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

The objective of the Spatial audio feature is to give you a sound environment that reminds you of a movie theatre. Apple presented at WWDC and explained the functioning of sounds transferring virtually within the sound environment. It won’t be wrong to mention that Apple is working on giving you an incredible exposure to sound, rather than only two audio sources that are left and right.

The Spatial audio in AirPods Pro channelizes the sound that sticks to the directional source. It is what is known as ‘Sound Field.’ For instance, the sound traveling on the left side won’t follow even if your body moves to the right. Instead, the audio will follow behind you just as a surround setup. It also means that the audio will always follow from the proper source, instead of any random spots.

Usually, when you wear your AirPods Pro, the sound has two sources: Left and Right. Spatial audio will bring this improvisation where the audio will seem as if there are multiple speakers present around you. As mentioned above, Spatial audio uses the sound field. It works with an in-built accelerometer and gyroscope to follow the movement of your head. Not only this, but the movement of your device is also consistently tracked to maintain the sound field.

If you’re worried about sudden movements that may destroy the sound field, you’ll be glad to hear that sudden movements like turning a car don’t affect your audio system. As long as your head is in a consistent position, everything will work smoothly.

Unluckily, Spatial features are only supported by Apple’s AirPods Pro. Thus, no other brands have thought or planned to introduce such a feature in their headphones.

It is important to note that Spatial audio will not work by installing the new update beta versions on your iOS or iPadOS device. The iOS 14 update is yet not available, which means that the Spatial audio feature will not come handy until then.


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