Everything You Need to Know About the Launch of Google Meet on Chrome cast

Yes, now you will be able to do video conferencing on the more giant screens. There are rumors about Google Meet, the new service by Google. Google Meet will be used for conferencing on more giant screens, and this initiative by Google will remove the video conferencing apps out of the scene altogether. Google Meet will be a big-screen debut of Google Duo.


Recently during the launch of Google Meet on Chromecast, Google also gave some hints for launching Google Duo for Android TV.

How to use Google Meet?

Currently, there are no details about how Google Duo will be working on Android TV. Along with that, there is no news regarding when the beta version will get launched. It can only be said that once Google Duo gets on to the Google Nest Hub Max, it would appear on the Android TV.

Meanwhile, regarding Google Meet, in its latest update for the Chromecast, Google has confirmed that it wants to make Google Meet, a primary video-conferencing application. It will later merge Google Duo in it as well.

Google Meet will help in improving the video conferencing experience as you can cast it on Android TV and other devices connected with Google Cast. And if your TV has a USB camera or a built-in camera, you can directly initiate a video chat with an individual or a group of individuals.

Cast Your Meetings on to the TV

To cast meetings on your television, you will have to connect it to the Chromecast, or you can also go live using the Google Duo app on your smartphone. You can turn any of your home rooms into your personal conferencing room with the help of Google Meet on the cast. If you have a smart display TV, it would be advantageous for you. If your laptop or phone notifications are not accessible to you at present or on mute and you are trying to concentrate on an urgent task, casting will help you be more productive and keep you more focused on your work.

You can access Google Meet on Chromecast by installing the latest Google Chrome version on your laptop or PC. The Chromecast needs to have the newest version of the firmware for Google Meet.

Your PC’s camera, microphone, and audio will get used while casting a meeting. You can easily add up to 250 participants. But think about having 250 thumbnails on a 55-inch screen and how you will manage them? So, the setup has been kept scrollable, and the maximum number of thumbnails on the screen will be 16 at a time. At the same time, you can scroll up and down to see other thumbnails.

If needed, you can also start the casting process even before you join the Google Meet session. You will have to click on a three-dot menu and select the option “cast this meeting” and choose the television with Chromecast. If you want to stop the cast, you will have to again click on the three-dots, and this time, you need to press on “stop casting meeting.” You will see the detailed list of instructions on that particular window.

Final Verdict

Google Meet will let you do video conferencing on more significant and broader screens. We are pretty sure that the day is not very far when this phenomenon will obliterate the conferencing apps out of the scene. By far, you must have learned how to use the Google Meet feature. You can try it to get further experience.

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