Everything You Need to Know About tvOS 14

The tvOS 14 public beta has some fantastic features for those who want to explore and experience technology at its best. The first step to use tvOS 14 is to register with Apple’s Beta programs. All you need to do is sign up on ‘beta.apple.com’ and check for its updates.

A drawback of using a beta program is that it can come up with issues while using certain applications. Therefore, go for installing the beta version only after giving it a good thought, or you can experience it when the final version arrives.

What is different about tvOS 14?

tvOS 14 will have a similar look as the old ones, which means you can go around swiping to your favorite shows or other settings. There are new features introduced by the tvOS 14 that’ll give you a friendly user-experience.

The visual change brought by tvOS 14 is the user display. For instance- you have multiple accounts signed in, but you forget to switch to other accounts whenever needed. tvOS 14 made it easier for you as it will display you a notification each time you turn on your Apple TV. The notification will show you the info about the current profile being used or last profile signed in, that’ll remind you if you want to switch profiles or not.

Screen Savers is another feature introduced by tvOS 14, that’ll enable you to select the type of video screensaver you would want to see. Currently, the screen savers provided by tvOS 14 are landscapes, earth, cityscapes, and underwater.

tvOS 14 Compatibility

tvOS 14 only works with Apple’s top box that comes along. Also, it is important to mention that the models older than the 2015 version will not work with tvOS 14. On the other hand, the fourth and fifth-generation that runs on tvOS13 can also run on tvOS 14.

Picture-in-Picture mode of tvOS 14

Picture-in-Picture is the only visual change brought by tvOS 14. Apple has understood the importance of multi-tasking and so they’ve brought to you this feature that’ll enable you to use two apps at a time.

Note: This feature only works with the applications that support it.

PIP works just fine while Airplaying video on your iOS devices. It is a handy feature in the absence of content that doesn’t have the Apple TV application.

tvOS 14: 4K

tvOS 14 has finally introduced the 4K streaming of visuals, especially for the YouTube application. Not only this, but tvOS 14 also enables you to share videos recorded in high-definition with the help of Airplay.

tvOS 14: HomeKit

Now you can go through your Homekit cameras along with full-screen and sound. All you need to do is press and hold on the Home button of the Siri Remote to access the Control Center where the Homekit is available. Earlier, Homekit cameras could only be accessed via third-party applications that also lacked sound.

Homekit cameras also function and support notifications with the help of tvOS 14. Also, it offers you a face recognition feature, that displays the person’s picture at your door.

tvOS 14: Gaming

tvOS 14 has come up with a feature that’ll sync your Arcade games and will get resumed from where you left on all the platforms. The good side is you won’t lose any progress in the game and continue to play from the hard-earned progress.

Also, the game center will suggest to you about the titles and achievements of your friends to encourage more engagement.

tvOS 14: Audio

tvOS 14 introduces the audio sharing feature that’ll enable two people to listen to the audio using Airpods without creating disturbance for the rest of the people. This feature was introduced by iOS and iPadOS last year and has finally come up on the big screen.

tvOS 14: Privacy and Restrictions

A new track setting has been introduced by iOS and tvOS 14, which also works with the third-party applications on your device. When an app is launched on tvOS 14, the user will have to set its permission.

In case, you want to disable this feature, either you’ll have to turn it down for all the applications or stop any further requests, existing settings remain the same.

Furthermore, talking about the restrictions, it’ll provide you a safe gaming experience as you can change the user name, disable multiplayer settings, use private messaging, etc.

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