Everything You Need to Know About Using Google Pixel Earbuds With Windows

Earphones or earbuds have become an essential part of every device. They’re required while traveling long distances, or if you want to watch a movie without disturbing others. If you’re a Google follower, you might have set the Pixel Buds as your top priority.

Using Google’s AirPods is an excellent choice with your Android devices as it supports Google Assistant. Place the AirPods in your ear, and you’re ready for anything, that includes jogging or a workout session. What if we ask you to leave behind the Android boundary and pair your earbuds with other devices, like a Windows PC.

Some will say that they work just the same as pairing up with Android. However, others will say that they don’t. Sure, Google earbuds are a good option for a Windows PC, but they do have certain drawbacks that you’ll know further.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Google Pixel Earbuds With Windows


What to Like About Using Google Earbuds With Windows?

Whenever you connect your Google earbuds to a Windows PC, they adapt almost the same features as an android device. For instance, you can easily increase or decrease the volume of your music using the swipe-in gestures of the earbud.

The best thing about using Google’s earbuds is its comfort and grip. The case of the earbuds is a matte plastic that does not look tacky at all, instead gives it a premium look.

What to Dislike About Using Google Earbuds With Windows?

No wonder Pixel earbuds are a great option to use with a Windows PC. However, some setbacks may keep you from pairing them with a PC.

Just as earbuds give you the advantage to use Google Assistant when paired with an Android device, you cannot access the same with a Windows PC. Here, a basic Bluetooth feature functions, and this is the biggest drawback of using Google’s earbuds with a PC.

Another disadvantage is not being able to update your earbuds when connected to the Windows PC. However, you can do the same when you connect your earbuds with your android phone.

What are the Alternatives of Google Pixel earbuds to Pair With a Windows PC?

If you’re fine with all the drawbacks of using the Google Pixel earbuds with the Windows PC, it is still a good choice. In case you’re looking for its alternatives, you’ve got other options.

If you’re looking for something similar to Pixel earbuds, but forms a better combination with the Windows PC, Surface Earbuds are an excellent option. They’re very comfortable to wear that you almost forget about their presence. Not only this, but they also offer the in-built swipe controls.

Looking for wireless earphones depicts that you want your hands on a premium version. Therefore, if you’re going to buy the earbuds a little cheaper than the Pixel and the Surface ones, you may go for Jabra Elite 75T for $150. Other earbuds that offer you useful features and come under the price of $130 are Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+.

The alternative earbuds come at a pocket-friendly price, offering you the same features. It is advised to test the earphones before investing to make a great deal.

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