Everything You Need to Know For Buying Slatwall Wall Panels and Brackets Online

Slatwall Wall Panels and Brackets have become popular items nowadays. They are used for arranging your retail product displays properly and aesthetically.


Slatwall Wall Panels adds a POP to the store. They are affordable, diverse,  and with the number of patterns and textures, will fit with your store’s look and feel. You can also buy Slatwall Brackets Online to display and support your merch.

Slatwall Wall Panels

American Retail Supply is known for offering these amazing Slatwall Wall Panels for making your walls look stunning. The panels have unique designs like Subway Tiles, Bricks, Tire Treads, Old Paint, Wood, and many more. If these designs do not meeting your budget, you can also opt for the extensive range of Traditional Slatwall Panels of Cherry, Maple, Black, or Wood color. They can slide in face-outs, brackets, wire baskets, hooks, and many other Slatwall accessories, providing a nice display for your products. In the case of Textured Slatwalls, 3D Slatwall Panels are a great solution. 3D Slatwall is an upgrade from the traditional ones. It is mostly made of wood, brick, metal, and even tire, which provides an enriching depth to your walls. If you are looking for renovating your store, Textured Slatwall is the best option for you. It is simple and easy to install. You can also reuse the same hooks and accessories..


Modular Slatwall Display is known for its portability and customizable option. They can place on countertops or used as a full-on floor display. Different connectors assist in building several variations of the panel. There’s no worrying about chipping or breaking the panels as they are made of hard plastic (polymer) instead of MDF particles.


For a beautiful and seamless wall, the 3D Wall Panels are perfect. They do not have any slots and make your walls look perfect and smooth. American Retail Supply has an extensive collection of 3D Wall Panels. They give a certain character, tone, and depth to your white walls. The panels are available in a lot of options, like barn wood texture to provide an earthy ambiance to your store, blocks for space warm, rustic, and earthy undertone while bricks 3D panels give a homey feeling.


Apart from Slatwall Panels, the store also has alternatives like Gridwall & Slatgrid and Slotted Wall Standards.

Slatwall Brackets

American Retail Supply has an extensive range of shelf brackets and other accessories for any kind of wall system. Buy Slatwall Brackets Online from the store and get the best options available. These Slatwall Shelf Brackets are fit for Traditional and Textures Slatwall Panels. These brackets have tiers and give a certain character to your walls by helping you display your products brilliantly. While heavy-duty shelves are sturdier and heavier to use, Slatwall Shelf Brackets are far lighter and easier to move around. Depending on your choice, you can choose the white, chrome, and black finish to match the color of your shelves.

Final Take

Slatwall Wall Panels and Brackets are useful for supporting and displaying your merch and products. Brackets take up very little space and provide a sturdy solution with a lot of useful functionality.

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