Everything You Should Know About PSVR 2

With over 5 million units already being sold for the PSVR back in 2016, when it was first launched, virtual reality gaming hit another level. And now, with PlayStation VR 2 in talks, it seems Sony will push boundaries for the gaming industry. So, let’s look into the rumours that are building around PSVR 2.

What Is the PSVR 2?

The PSVR 2 is a virtual reality headset following up its original PSVR that was released four years back.

Based on the admiration that PSVR gained, it is expected that Sony is about to go all-out on PSVR 2’s technology. The PSVR 2 is likely to deliver a redesigned headset, innovative motion controllers with touch input, and a completely wireless unit.

This wirelessness might save you more time to practice some moves than detangling messed up cords.

What Will the PSVR 2 Be Able to Do?

Reduce Motion sickness

If you have used a VR headset before, you would know how it gives you motion sickness.

It is mostly because of the gap between the virtual experience and your physical world.

Did you know that Sony filed for a Motion Sickness Reduction patent in 2019?

Yes, it did, and hopefully, this will enhance the VR experience for players. Reduction in motion sickness would allow players to have a more delightful and immersive experience that could last longer than usual VR experiences.

Finger Sensors

It is also suggested that finger sensor technology is going to be a part of PSVR 2. The finger-tracking sensors would be able to identify which user is playing and the distance between controllers.

Wireless Technology

If Sony can pull off a wireless headset with a built-in power supply, a microphone, and an audio/video source, it would be revolutionary. This modification would be a dream come true situation for the players who live to game.

No wires, no plug-ins, and no VGA cables. Sounds fantabulous!

Esports Streaming

Sony’s eSports Streaming patent explains that the players could view eSports remotely as a VR spectator. So, if you are unable to travel abroad to see the eSports event, you might just be able to feel it by streaming on to the event.

Improvements in Movement Tracking & Move Controllers

Another cool feature that is expected to be added in PSVR 2 is its improved eye-tracking and head motions.

Possibly, the VR headset will be eligible to control what each eye sees. This means, when you tilt or move your head, those images will stay traced.

Also, PSVR 2 is presumed to be using Think Valve’s Index controllers. It is hoped that this new kind of controller will deliver a quick and accurate response to the motion.

How Much Will the PSVR 2 Cost?

The hardware and technology that is being expected from the PSVR 2 can easily vouch for a higher price tag.

Its predecessor, the PSVR, was launched at $499.99. Based on this, the PSVR 2 might cost from $499.99 to about $799.99.

When Will the PSVR 2 Be Released?

Sony has not yet announced anything about the PSVR 2 officially. The PS5’s release has been given all the attention for now.

It is highly improbable to see the PSVR 2 releasing this year. The rough release date that has been circulating is in 2021.

What Games Can You Play Using PSVR 2?

Since the PSVR 2 has not been officially announced, there are no confirmed games slated for release on the PSVR 2. The games that are rumored to be in the works for PSVR 2 include a new Gran Turismo, Resident Evil 8, and possibly a new gem from Rockstar. Of course, these are not confirmed by anyone yet, but these are the most likely contenders right now.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for some fantastic modifications in this upcoming PlayStation VR 2. And patiently wait for Sony to announce more details about this highly awaited headset.

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